When’s it going to happen? How are they going to get in? What are they going to take? And what’s it going to cost?

We know that the majority of businesses will suffer a cyber security incident in the next 12 months. We have to accept that cyber security threats are a part of life and take every measure to mitigate these. And because the vulnerabilities exist across thousands of endpoints – from your unstructured data to your systems and tools – all of which are controlled by people and processes that aren’t perfect, it means you’re always just one step away from being breached.

Cybersecurity remains a major priority for most organisations, and when looking to adopt any new technology it is one of the biggest considerations. However, spend alone isn’t going to protect your business. How confident are you about your in-house security skills? Is access control managed effectively without interfering with productivity? And are your people following your policies every time? Are you tracking the weakest links in your first line of defense – your people?

Hardening your security posture is important for both operational security as well as protection against attacks.

Finding cybersecurity solutions for your business

Atech has built a comprehensive security offering around a baseline specifically to solve the data governance challenges our customers face with a cloud-first, mobile-first strategy. This technology stack coupled with our insights ensures that security has been placed at the heart of collaboration in the Modern Workplace.

We can provide access to robust visualisations of metrics and trends, integration with other solutions you may already be using, score comparison with similar organisations, and much more enabling you to make informed decisions about your security.

Assess your security posture with our security health check

The majority of breaches are due to human error, a lapse in process or deliberate attacks so you need to remain vigilant. Through our 50-point annual security health check, we’ll help you maintain a strong security posture by continuously identifying vulnerabilities. And if we find them, we offer managed IT security services encompassing everything from email to authentication, data protection, cyber attacks and even dark web identity monitoring to keep you secure.

Have you balanced IT security and productivity?

You need to protect your business, but your people need the freedom to work anywhere. We can help you achieve this balance by securing end users’ devices, mail and cloud infrastructure, allowing your workforce to remain productive anywhere on any device, while keeping your organisation protected.

We assess the enhanced security features you can leverage within existing platforms and solutions, and where you need supplementary tools or services for your unique business requirements.

Do you trust your people to do the right thing, every time?

They may have the best of intentions, but your people are busy doing their jobs, and sometimes security issues can be overlooked. That’s why we offer simulated phishing attacks to put your people to the test, without the costly consequences of an actual breach. And if they fail, we can provide awareness training to educate them on how to spot potential attacks.

Trust Atech to secure the next version of your business

Talk to our team about how our IT security services can enhance your security posture to ensure that your business, people, systems and data remain protected.