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Trust Atech's 24/7 SOC expert team to transform your security and keep you one step ahead of threats.

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Increase in 
ransomware attacks.
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Average cost of recovering from a ransomware attack
Security leaders report feeling at extreme risk

The increasing challenges of Cloud Security

Security threats are compounded by the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Lack of interoperability and visibility

Maintaining consistent access controls

Misconfigurations & configuration drift

Lack of unified management and governance

Hybrid working – expanding attack surface area

Rapid acceleration & increasing sophistication of cybercrime

Silos, staffing constraints, and training

Rising cost of cybersecurity risk mitigation & remediation

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Our team of Microsoft Certified professionals assess your estate, craft recommendations, design and plan the path forward ahead of implementation, configuration and optimisation, ensuring you areequipped to deal with whatever lies ahead.

The result? A breakdown of your current Microsoft security posture and secure score.

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Microsoft Security

Microsoft is the top choice for security due to its comprehensive approach, which includes:

Integrated Solutions: Microsoft offers a unified ecosystem of security tools, simplifying management and ensuring holistic protection.

Threat Intelligence: Access to vast threat intelligence data enhances detection and response capabilities.

Compliance Commitment: Microsoft's ongoing compliance efforts keep your data in line with industry standards. With Microsoft, your security is fortified. Choose Microsoft for unmatched protection.

Choose Microsoft to fortify your defenses and protect what matters most.

Managed Services that fit around you

A 24/7 SOC team at your disposal to perform:

  • Threat Detection
  • Threat Hunting
  • Threat Remediation
  • Playbook automation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Incident response support
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