Atech are a Specialist Azure provider recognised by Microsoft as a leading partner and boasting over 100 certified professionals within our organisation. We’ve been helping our clients migrate to the cloud for over ten years and we’re continuously working with Microsoft to optimise the benefits for our clients and future-proof environments whilst continuously ensuring a zero-trust strategy.

The benefits of Microsoft Azure are well documented and realised by many but the successful, complete migration to the powerful platform can be overwhelming.


  • Compatibility headaches.
  • Lack of in-house skills to execute effective migration
  • Inefficiencies in terms of performance and cost.
  • Complex and time-consuming data migration.
  • Data security and compliance issues


Existing technology might not seamlessly align with the Azure ecosystem, causing compatibility headaches. And when it comes to migrating data, it’s not just essential; it’s complex and time-consuming, with the added challenge of safeguarding data security and compliance during this transition.

This assessment includes:

  • Inventory of on-premises machines
  • Azure readiness of each machine
  • Application discovery with unsupported Windows Roles and Features
  • Rightsizing for Azure
  • Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery pricing estimates
  • High-level Azure pricing for running discovered machines in Azure


Using Azure Migrate, we will remotely connect to your existing environment and collect data over a recommended period. This provides us with essential information to understand your readiness before presenting the detail back to you and by utilising Rightsizing, we will have calculated the workload patterns, specific to your unique environment.

We will share full pricing for the migration and provide costs for you to run and manage the fully migrated Azure

No detail is left uncovered, and you’ll receive the detail required to fully migrate seamlessly to Azure.

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