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Atech awarded Microsoft Gold Partner status in IT security

Posted on March 17, 2022

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded a Microsoft Gold competency in Security. The award underscores our dedication to our clients’ success and is the result of months of study by our team of IT network security experts. With Gold awards being the highest status available, the accreditation positions us as a leading UK provider of Microsoft cloud solutions and Azure security.

The Security award is our ninth Microsoft Gold accreditation in total, along with Cloud Platform, Datacentre, Cloud Productivity, and five. If you’re comparing Microsoft cloud solution providers, Gold Security accreditations signal a proven skillset in safeguarding data and maintaining compliance standards.

In this article, we’ll explore the accreditation process and how it translates into secure and optimised cloud platforms for our clients. Read on to find out more.

What does a Gold Security accreditation mean for Microsoft cloud solution providers?

Microsoft issues accreditations under its global Partner programme. Firms can apply for Silver or Gold certifications in key Microsoft cloud solutions like Azure security, Data Analytics, Cloud Optimisation and more. Gold is the highest and most difficult award status.

As with any other qualification, companies demonstrate their performance and skill in Microsoft cloud technologies. In turn, those who are successful are validated solution providers in their award domain, receiving an award to evidence their skill.

Within the Security competency specifically, four of our Microsoft cloud experts had to pass exams on Office Security Administration and Azure Security Engineering. We also had to evidence 12 months of work in shielding network endpoints, data protection, identity management and developing security strategies with our clients.

Achieving the superior Gold award highlights our dedication to offering truly leading Microsoft cloud solutions and IT security services to our clients.

Thanks to our team’s hard work in delivering security services to our clients, we received our Gold Partner status on 9th March 2022, authenticating our skill in deploying and managing security solutions.

Why does it matter for your Azure security?

Gold awards are more than just stickers of approval from Microsoft. The awards process and Partner programme follow a rigorous framework of requirements that must be maintained year on year. This means that awards are meaningful accreditations in leading commercial technologies and deliver tangible benefits to your organisation.

Firstly, the Microsoft Partner programme is entirely voluntary. Therefore, those who choose to undergo and pass the accreditation process gain more than just recognition from Microsoft. Successful Gold partners like Atech stand out from other Microsoft solution providers as they’re able to substantiate their value to clients with industry-recognised best practices.

Secondly, awardees are highly knowledgeable strategic partners. As we mentioned above, staff undergo exams and demonstrate their experience in deploying Microsoft solutions with clients. Proof points of client success are scrutinised. As a result, clients who collaborate with a Microsoft Partner can access expert insight on leveraging technology solutions to accelerate their business requirements.

In particular, Gold partners are among the top 1% of Microsoft cloud solution providers, so Gold awards stand as a key marker of quality in things like Azure security and more.

Finally, cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and costly. Last year, data breaches affected 65% of mid-sized UK firms, and the average cost per breach rose (according to IBM data) to over $4.24 million. Therefore, senior leaders must source adaptable security solutions and embed a security strategy across their digital assets. To this end, Gold awards are an excellent way of identifying a Microsoft cloud expert and deploying Microsoft cloud solutions with best practices to protect your business.

What does this mean for our IT security services?

Our latest Security competency is our ninth Gold award from Microsoft in total, making us a multi-Gold Microsoft cloud expert. To date, our full list of Gold Partner status awards include:

  1. Security
  2. Cloud Productivity
  3. Small and Midmarket solutions
  4. Windows and Devices
  5. Cloud Platform
  6. Datacentre
  7. Application Integration
  8. Application Development
  9. Data Platform


But how does each accreditation fit into our services and overall value to our clients?
Each Gold award evidences our skill in Microsoft cloud solutions and IT security services. In particular, the first four awards listed above position us as a leading UK provider of Microsoft cloud solutions for the Modern Workplace.

We’re experts in deploying innovative and secure Office 365 solutions to help you cultivate and grow productivity within your organisation. We’re also specialists in developing tools for hybrid work environments, allowing you to attract talent with flexible working opportunities without placing your data in jeopardy.

We have a specialism in cloud solutions for mid-sized companies. Doing so enables growing firms to access optimised cloud infrastructure and integrated data or SaaS platforms at more affordable rates.

However, woven through our entire service portfolio is our expertise in security. We place cybersecurity at the centre of all our solutions and have extensive experience in managing client data, devices and identities.

As a result, our clients gain highly secure cloud environments along with operational efficiencies and growth opportunities. Unlike other IT security service providers, we account for the human aspect of cybersecurity. We offer training and simulated phishing attack services to offer truly comprehensive security support in today’s dynamic threat landscape.

In turn, our clients scale more easily while adapting to evolving business challenges without losing productive capacity or security compliance.

Get in touch with Atech for expert Microsoft cloud support

While around 1% of Microsoft cloud solution providers have Gold-rated competencies, few have as many as we do.

With awards in nine key Microsoft cloud solution areas and experience in migrating or refactoring over 10,000 client servers, Atech is a highly experienced IT security service provider.

Get in touch to access expert advice on cyber security solutions and learn what our SOC services can deliver for your cloud architecture today.

James Pearse
James Pearse CTO

James is the CTO at Atech and leads the team of Security Architects and SOC analysts to deliver an intelligent, proactive and tailored service. He helps our customers unlock the potential of Microsoft Security.

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