The importance of IT strategy consulting

In the digital era, every business needs a strong IT infrastructure on which to enable the business to scale (up or down) and succeed. Achieving that foundation requires a robust technology strategy, which is built by a highly experienced professional.

But finding one person with that breadth and depth of knowledge is virtually impossible – advances in technology happen so fast that most IT professionals choose to specialise in one field. Furthermore, the cost to hire someone inhouse with that level of expertise will be substantial. And then to maintain business-as-usual, that person is going to require some assistance from a team that’s setup to ‘keep the lights on’ and innovate for continuous improvement.

The reality for many SMEs is that hiring into this position is a luxury they simply can’t afford.

But we think that’s wrong.

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a robust technology strategy to set them up for success, which is why we’ve developed Virtual CIO services (vCIO) to make IT strategy consulting obtainable for all.

The reality for many SMEs as that hiring into this position is too much of a luxury that they simply can’t afford.

Virtual CIO – ‘Impossible’ experience, affordable price point

We have all the specialist technology expertise in-house so you can access everything you need, from backup and disaster recovery to cyber security, on-premise infrastructure to cloud, networking, telecommunications, collaboration tools…and everything in-between.

Appoint Atech as your vCIO and we will share all of our skills, knowledge and experience with you and provide you with:

A robust technology strategy

After assessing your existing IT infrastructure, we’ll identify the risks to address as a priority, then understand your business issues and technology pain points, before developing a strategy that enables your business plan to achieve its goals.

A clear technology roadmap

We will design a 1 to 3-year technology roadmap so you have a clear plan of the projects and technology enhancements needed to ensure you have the right tools for your business to succeed in the digital era.

A transparent budget

Our focus is to optimise your current IT spend so it’s delivering maximum ROI and ensure that you invest in the right areas to improve your systems, all while providing complete visibility of every penny spent.

Trust Atech to create the next version of your business

Talk to our team about how we can set you up for success in the digital era by leveraging expertise usually reserved for larger enterprises.

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Parkwalk Advisors chose Atech to boost productivity through a simple cloud in its digital transformation. Taking a cloud-first, mobile-first approach to modernise its way of working, Atech helped Parkwalk create a modern workplace.

Atech used its tried and tested methodology to redesign Parkwalk’s environment. Aligning the business with modern workplace requirements, now it doesn’t matter whether the consultants are in the office, on client site or working from home, they have everything they need to be productive and remain protected at all times.