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Announcing our new Specialization in Azure Networking Services

Posted on February 27, 2023

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We have just earned the Networking Services in Microsoft Azure Specialization.

Developments here at Atech are fast-moving, and we’re delighted to announce that we have just earned the Networking Services in Microsoft Azure Specialization. This new accreditation from Microsoft builds on our achievements with Azure Virtual WAN over the past 2-3 years, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our team for all their hard work.

We have once again shown that we can analyse, plan, implement, run, and optimise our clients’ network architecture and security. Furthermore, this latest specialization certificate builds on our previous Solution Partner Designations, demonstrates our networking Azure consumption and staff skilling. Finally, it also proves that we are capable of passing a rigorous independent audit, testing our capabilities in deploying third-party networking products.

In this article, we’ll explore more background on this Microsoft Azure networking qualification and explain its value to companies looking to get the most from their cloud resources.

What is a Networking Services in Microsoft Azure specialization?

High-performing apps and efficient computing tools are necessities in today’s cloud-centric economy. A robust network design helps IT teams optimise resources and maximise application performance.

With more than 170 network points of presence (POPs) and more than 165,000 miles of private fibre spanning more than 60 regions, Azure Networking offers the scale, reliability, high availability, and enterprise-grade security clients need to fulfill the most demanding workload requirements.

Therefore, this Microsoft Azure accreditation in Networking Services showcases our capabilities in implementing and optimising customers’ network architecture, cost, and security.

How Atech achieved our specialization in Networking Services for Microsoft Azure

To gain an Azure Advanced Specialization, we had to demonstrate our knowledge in this area and inspire client trust. More specifically, the certification process measured our capabilities in the following areas:


  • Providing proof of an active Solutions Partner for Infrastructure (Azure) certification.
  • Demonstrating our real-world experience in delivering and consulting on cloud managed networks within the Azure Marketplace.
  • Generating at least $10,000 per month of Networking Azure Consumption Revenue (ACR) as a Partner Admin Link (PAL), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), or Digital Partner of Record (DPOR).



The knowledge and attainment of our team are fundamental to our success in gaining this hard-earned Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization.

To achieve this newest certificate, we nominated at least three of our Atech team members to earn training certificates in Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

Providing expert training for our staff forms part of our collaborative approach at Atech, and we invest in helping every one of our team members thrive in all areas of our managed services and SOC.


Finally, we had to pass a demanding auditing stage from third-party sources to secure this specialist certificate. You can find more details on the performance metrics examined here.

In summary, we needed to demonstrate our skills in Cloud Foundation strategy, planning, environment readiness and Azure landing zone competencies, governance, and Azure management.

For the second module, Networking Services in Microsoft Azure workload, we had to demonstrate our ability to assess, design and build a proof of concept (POC) or pilot. Auditors also examined our deployment skills, client review processes, and release tactics for operations procedures.

How the Networking Services in Microsoft Azure specialization brings value to our customers

Our achievements in this Microsoft certificate give us of our success in areas of our specialism. But, more importantly for our customers, this latest achievement means we have now obtained all of the certifications required of an MS Partner to prove that we can deliver truly transformative Azure projects and services.

Here is a rundown of all of our MS Partner and specialist qualifications:


Our clients choose us over competing third-party MSPs because we’ve gone above and beyond to prove our expertise in Azure. So, whether you’re migrating, modernising, or optimising your Azure infrastructure, you can trust that we have all the tooling and skills to meet your needs.

Some background on Microsoft Solution Designation updates

Microsoft revamped its accreditation programme last year to keep up with the changing demands of the modern workplace. You can learn more about the changes to the Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partners programme in this previous article.

The key takeaways; the old Gold and Silver certificates have been phased out and replaced by more stringent attainment measures. Microsoft now wants to see its Partners and Specialists provide better outcomes for end clients and invest more in training their internal teams.

Let Atech’s deep knowledge in Azure Networking Services help you do more with less

Are you thinking about modernisation or migrating to Azure? Did you know that working with Atech can result in a smoother journey and a more predictable outcome than going it alone?

This is because Azure Networking Service price points vary depending on the Azure resources you use, how you use them, and how each component fits into your broader IT system. So, when it comes to Azure infrastructure, it pays to approach an expert like Atech to help you develop creative solutions that enable you to do more with less.

So if you want us to help you run through some costing calculations, get in touch with us today. We would be happy to show you how to manage your Azure architecture and expenditure more effectively.

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