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Announcing Atech’s Advanced Specialization in Windows Server and SQL Server migration (Azure)

Posted on October 22, 2022

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Gold and Silver Microsoft Partners are no more. The bar for obtaining Advanced Specialization status has been set even higher, and we’ve surpassed it once again in SQL migration.

Microsoft’s high-level accreditations were formerly known as “Advanced Specializations.” They were distinct from Gold Partner accreditations in that the level of attainment required was higher. The capabilities were also divided into highly specialised categories, such as Azure Virtual Desktop. However, as of 3rd October 2022, Microsoft has changed how Partners signal their qualifications, and, as an offshoot, how higher-level achievements are awarded on top of regular solutions designations.

In light of the advancements in Microsoft certification, we’re proud to announce that Atech has recently obtained Microsoft’s updated Advanced Specialization accreditation in Windows Server and SQL Server migration of Microsoft Azure.

This article will examine what this advanced certificate means for our clients. We’ll also explain how our specialisations were obtained and how these accolades enhance our capabilities in delivering unbeatable server migration services.

Background of Microsoft’s Advanced Specializations

Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner status has been replaced by Solutions Partner certifications covering six key areas:

  • Business Applications
  • Data & AI (Azure)
  • Digital & App Innovation (Azure)
  • Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Modern Work
  • Security

Companies must demonstrate competencies under the new scoring system to gain accreditation as a Solutions Partner. The designation scoring criteria combine accomplishments in an arguably more comprehensive way than the old grading system used for Gold and Silver certifications.

For instance, Solutions Partner designations are now marked according to verified customer successes, customer consumption and volume, number of certified engineers, and many more parameters. Atech currently holds qualifications as a Solutions Partner for Infrastucture (Azure) from Microsoft. Find out more about our accreditations here.

But further than that, we have also recently achieved Advanced Specialization status for Windows Server and SQL Server migration of Microsoft Azure. To achieve an Advanced Specialization accolade, candidates must first obtain Solutions Partner status. From there, they can undergo rigorous auditing from several independent verification sources and Microsoft itself.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

At this level, demonstrating a proven track record of success is essential in gaining an advanced-level certificate. It is more than just a tick-box exercise. Providers must showcase their dedication to delivering the best Microsoft has to offer and going above and beyond to maximise on their client’s growth potential with the right IT.

The addition of Advanced Specialization for Windows Server and SQL Server migration of Microsoft Azure helps solidify our reputation for expanding access to ideal-fit IT solutions for many different types of enterprises.

How Atech attained Advanced Specialization in SQL migration

By aligning with the Solution Partner designation for Infrastructure (Azure), we demonstrated Atech’s capabilities in delivering outstanding customer success in migrating Windows Server and SQL Server-based workloads to Azure.

Specifically, we earned our advanced qualification by providing clients with superior cloud migration roadmaps. Our team channeled their deep knowledge and experience of agile IT solutions to help our clients meet the rigorous demands of the modern workplace.

Microsoft ratified our Advanced Specialization capabilities in the following ways:

  • Verifying our high number of positive customer testimonials.
  • Measuring our performance against an extensive list of usage growth and related KPIs.
  • Examining our team’s progress in gaining the necessary skills and qualifications to help them excel.
  • Undergoing an independent audit from third-parties and Microsoft.

We can now objectively validate our skills in facilitating full-scale digital transformation projects for a wide range of clients. And we would like to thank the Atech team and our clients for helping us achieve this high-level qualification.

Benefits of working with Windows server migration specialists

Advanced MS certificate holders gain access to additional resources that other Solutions Partners don’t. This means that we can build, test, demo, pilot, and run Proof of Concepts projects on our customer’s behalf. We tailor-make our solutions packages to give customers confidence that their plans to migrate SQL server to Azure will not only run smoothly. They will also provide the tools companies need to spur their growth.

We give you access to the most innovative tools and methodologies approved by Microsoft, including:

  • Designing, implementing, operating, and optimising customers’ infrastructure architecture, IT costs, and security protocols.
  • Migrating and modernising customers’ IT infrastructure for virtualised workloads. We can guarantee minimal business interruptions, no data loss, and continued support throughout the Windows server migration process.
  • Onboarding and the continual management of high-performance computing workloads in Azure.

Why choose Atech?

  • We thoroughly examine your IT needs and current set up, and use our established methodologies to conceptualise your ideal server migration roadmap.
  • We identify the most affordable and beneficial tooling and licensing methods to help you with IT budget planning.
  • We follow the best practices validated by Microsoft. This involves setting out a phased approach, so you can ensure your workplace encounters no downtime during the SQL migration process.

Atech are dedicated to making your digital transformation a success

Atech holds Advanced Specialization in Identity & Access Management and Threat Protection, and we’re immensely proud to have proven our skills again with this new Azure certificate. Our accolades showcase our dedication to our team of engineers and pioneering customers for whom we deliver truly transformative projects and services.

We were also named as Finalists in Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Awards 2022 for Endpoint Management, making us uniquely poised to establish secure and highly-productive work-from-anywhere environments.

Working with an experienced Advanced Specialization Partner like Atech ensures that your goals to migrate SQL server to Azure (or optimise and manage your current workload in Azure) are executed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

So if you would like to learn more about how Atech’s Advanced Specialization status can give your enterprise IT systems a competitive edge, please contact us now.

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