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Atech is now a Solutions Partner for Data and AI

Posted on December 15, 2022

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Atech has attained its fourth Solutions Partner designation in Microsoft’s Partner Programme.
The Solutions Partner designation demonstrates our organisation’s technical capabilities, experience, and ability to deliver successful customer outcomes aligned to the Microsoft Cloud and helps us differentiate with customers.

It also shows that we are continuing to invest in delivering customer success.

I believe in empowering people and driving growth. What that means for you is that we want to empower your organisation with the capabilities, resources, and industry depth to best serve our customers.’ Nicole Dezen, Chief Partner and Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions
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Solutions Partner designations were rolled out on 3rd October 2022, replacing legacy Gold Partner badges. For many Partners like Atech, it has meant extensive preparations have been undertaken to be re-certified, re-evaluated and audited on various aspects of our Microsoft expertise. This includes demonstrating knowledge in the team of engineers and consultants that is tested and certified on a regular basis. On the practise side, it means that our customer success has been verified by Microsoft.

‘We are very proud of this achievement as it speaks to our ongoing commitment to delivering innovation for our customers, and our drive for continuous improvement and development of our teams’ skills.’ Ryan Langley, CEO of Atech
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Customer Success

As a Solutions Partner for Data & AI (Azure), we demonstrate our broad capability to help our customers manage their data across multiple systems and to build analytics and AI solutions in addition to these.


This involves analysing workloads, generating schema models and performing extract, transform, load operations to migrate data to cloud-based warehouse and enable cloud-based analytics solutions. This is particularly powerful for those of our clients who are serverless, and for whom Azure cloud is a central part of their technology strategy. For clients at the start of their journey, we are able to share the vision of how their cloud journey can drive innovation by opening up powerful data analytics capabilities and insights.

A Solutions Partner designation in Data & AI specifically includes the capability to plan and deliver tailored Microsoft analytics solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks.

We enable customer adoption of AI and implement Azure solutions for AI-powered apps and machine learning life cycles so that your business can harness AI for automation, innovation, and growth.

For new and existing clients alike it means confidence in our ability to execute and the assurances that we drive demonstrable business outcomes with best practise and innovation at the heart of all that we do. We are committed to training and accreditation and delivering solutions that lead to customer success is our life blood.

As Solutions Partners for Data & AI we get access to build, test, demo, pilot and create proofs of concepts for our clients to discover what insights Data and AI solutions can deliver for your business.

Strategic alignment

Data & AI and attaining the Solutions Partner designation therein is in alignment with our brand values.

  1. Data & AI is central to innovation as one of our guiding principles. Approaching cross-industry problems with an open mindset to achieve high performance, growth and development.
  2. We also believe that Data & AI offers positive disruption and challenges our customers’ comfort zones to find meaningful, efficient and transformative ways of working.
  3. Attaining Solutions Partner designation in Data & AI speaks of our investment in people, as well as approaching our customers challenges with people at the centre. Simplicity and empathy puts user experience and people’s real-world matters at the centre of our services.
  4. Attaining Data & AI Solutions Partner designation demonstrates the impact we are having in the markets we serve, an impact which translates as transformation for our customers. We take an organised and process-led approach to ensure projects and services position our talented people and industry leading solutions where they can make the biggest impact.

What Solutions Partner designations does Atech have?

This adds a fourth solution area to the three announced previously in October:

  • Security
  • Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Modern Work
  • Data & AI


Additionally, Atech has Specialisms in the following areas:

  • Security – Identity and Access Management
  • Security – Threat Protection
  • Infrastructure (Azure) – Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Infrastructure (Azure) – SQL Server and Windows Server Migration


We will continue to grow our expertise and look forward to sharing the news of our growing set of specialisms soon.

‘No company is better positioned than Microsoft to help organisations deliver on their digital imperative so that they can do more with less. From infrastructure and data to business applications and hybrid work, we provide unique differentiated value to our customers.’ Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft
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The multiple capabilities involved in delivering hybrid work can easily increase your total cost of ownership and add admin complexity into the deployment and management of disparate solutions. This in turn makes the innovation promise of Data & AI unattainable.

We understand the power of consolidation and have worked with many clients to ensure they benefit from a simpler IT environment, and saving more than 60% compared to a patchwork of competitive solutions.

Let’s unlock the opportunity to do more with less – connect with us for a free consultation.

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