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Announcing our Microsoft Solutions Partner designations and specialisms

Posted on October 28, 2022

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We’re honoured to announce our new Microsoft Solutions Partner accreditations for Security, Modern Work, and Infrastructure. Microsoft is committed to improving solutions designations and continually expanding the range of services Microsoft Partners can provide their clients.

Our success in earning these new certifications further proves our capabilities as a pure-play Microsoft MSP (managed service provider) in staying ahead of technological advancements and providing our customers with genuinely cutting-edge services.

In this article, we will outline our up-to-date list of Microsoft Solutions Partner designations and specialisms. Additionally, we will explain how these new certifications help our customers invest in the right market services, software solutions, and hardware to build their business.

Background on the new Microsoft Solution Partners Programme

The way we live and work is rapidly evolving. Therefore, Microsoft’s partner programmes must develop to keep up with the changing demands of Microsoft enterprise customers. A generic cloud-based solution won’t always be suitable for the fast-paced digital world of today. Microsoft solutions providers must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to adapt the solutions to their clients’ needs.

We have previously covered details of how the new Microsoft partner designations are graded. But in summary, Gold and Silver accreditations are no more, and the bar for attainment has been significantly raised. Solution Partner applicants must undergo stringent testing and provide more proof of improved customer outcomes and staff training.

Our team was able to not only meet but excel in the areas of Security, Infrastructure and Modern Work, which is a massive achievement for us. We’re immensely proud of our team’s hard work in earning these advanced qualifications and thankful for our clients’ forward-thinking approach to harnessing the full potential of IT.

Atech’s latest Microsoft Solution Partner designations and specialisms

Solutions Partner for Security

We have proven our abilities in planning, delivering, and managing Microsoft 365 mobility and security services to keep businesses secure, compliant, and connected. This work included implementing, monitoring, and supporting security and compliance solutions for our clients’ cloud and hybrid environments.

Solutions Partner for Infrastructure (Azure)

We have developed extensive expertise in optimising the migration of essential infrastructure workloads to Microsoft Azure. These capabilities include:

  • Designing, running and optimising client costs, security, and IT architecture.
  • Upgrading and modernising customer infrastructure for virtual desktop environments and virtualised workloads (including SAP).
  • Setting up and managing high-performance computing workloads in Azure.
  • Using Azure Arc for administration, governance, security, and DevOps (on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud).

Solutions Partner for Modern Work

Modern Work solutions designations are geared towards empowering users to work, learn and collaborate more effectively with the deployment and management of Microsoft 365 apps and services.

As a Solutions Partner for Modern Work, we demonstrated our capabilities in leveraging Microsoft 365 to assist customers in increasing their productivity and transitioning to hybrid operations models. Our skills in Modern Work implementation can be further broken down as follows:

  • Setting up and managing the Microsoft Teams suite to support customer collaboration and communication through chat, meetings, and file sharing.
  • Providing support to help customers and front-line staff use technology.
  • Providing employee experience services and solutions for Microsoft Viva to assist clients in harnessing knowledge and expertise, enhancing culture and communications, accelerating skill development, and balancing productivity and wellbeing.

Atech’s latest Microsoft Advanced Specialization Certificates

Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Identity and Access Management

As organisational barriers fall and IT users are dispersed worldwide, managing employees, partners and customers’ identities becomes incredibly challenging. The Zero Trust framework integrates security solutions throughout the digital estate and prioritises identification when confirming each access.

Atech has proven expertise in implementing Microsoft Identity and Access Management workloads (Azure AD) based on Zero Trust principles. Our foundation for building a robust IAM strategy incorporates identity, data, apps, infrastructure, network, and endpoints.

Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection

Our specialism in Threat Protection has been awarded as a result of our proven success in deploying Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security and Microsoft Sentinel workloads to protect clients against threats. It also includes deep expertise in managing security from detection and forensic analysis of threats through to delivering rapid recovery. As Threat Protection Specialists we secure our clients’ business-critical systems and data with proactive mitigation and monitoring.

Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

We achieved Microsoft Advanced Specialization status in Windows Server and SQL server migration to Azure for our enhanced abilities in migrating workloads to Azure in such a way that it incurs no system downtime.

We also provided customer testimonials which solidified our reputation for establishing long-lasting partnerships with clients and helping them improve productivity and create new revenue streams.

Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Azure Virtual desktop (AVD)

Alongside server migration, Atech has substantial expertise and an extensive track record in setting up, enhancing, and protecting virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure.

The Microsoft Advanced Specialization certificate for AVD validates our capacity to adhere to Microsoft’s best practices for cloud adoption. It also ensures our clients enjoy a seamless workload transition between systems

Atech will continue to provide ideal-fit IT while pursuing more Specialisms

Our new Microsoft qualifications help us further validate our in-depth expertise, broad experience, and proficiency in creating tailor-made IT solutions for all types of enterprises. Into the future, we pledge to pursue more Microsoft accreditations to deliver enduring value to our clients and stay at the forefront of enterprise IT needs.

With more than 15 years of experience as IT-managed service providers, we’re highly skilled in leveraging the full potential of enterprise IT to reach your business goals. Get in touch with us to learn more about our cutting-edge skills and tooling and how they can help you help your company thrive in the modern world of work.

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