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Introducing your dependable vCIO

Hiring a CIO may seem like a luxury your organisation can’t afford.

But, when the role is key to growing and scaling your business, can you really afford NOT to have one?

With a virtual CIO service (also known as vCIO service), you can easily acquire the skills, knowledge and experience to accelerate your digital transformation — without the expense of a hefty salary.

A vCIO can accomplish all the same tasks remotely, from developing strategies and managing your technologies with fast response times.


Virtual CIO services from Atech

With Atech, your vCIO works alongside you to understand your business and unique technology challenges to form a tailored strategy that aligns with what matters most to your business.

Our vCIO team comes as part of the service. A vCIO will evaluate and assess your systems to determine potential risks or vulnerabilities.

Your organisation will have everything needed to stay aligned with security and regulatory requirements, including GDPR and cybersecurity best practices that continuously ensure your systems and processes meet standards.


Our vCIO services can help you:

  • Drive your business’ technology roadmap to cut unnecessary costs and ensure you’re always investing in the right areas
  • Optimise spending and consumption visibility to improve and scale systems
  • Focus on your core competencies with reassurance your digital ecosystem is secure and running smoothly

Why choose Atech?

We deploy cutting-edge cloud technologies and 24/7 managed solutions backed by responsive and reliable customer service.

Our team’s cross-sector expertise, ability to determine well-balanced business objectives and capacity to create a bespoke technology strategy provides the sturdy foundations for your business to scale and realise efficiencies across your organisation.


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“The key stakeholders can't be distracted by IT issues, and as the business scales you need Atech to keep an eye on the IT strategy and budget." Pete Wilder, Head of Property, Oxford Sciences Innovation plc
“The migration was seamless from beginning to end and Atech has shown their relentless approach to service and reliability." Graeme Lalley, COO, Tasker Insurance
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Delivering digital transformation for visionary businesses

Having the expertise of a CIO is key to growing your business. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire one to benefit from their knowledge and unique skill set.

We’ve designed a service that allows you to obtain the value of a dependable, remote vCIO to accelerate your digital transformation and create the next version of your business.


Our Accreditations

Our accreditations demonstrate our deep vertical skills and services to design, implement and managed Azure solutions for your organisation. Microsoft Solutions Partners undergo rigorous testing and validation to ensure our skills and methodologies meet standards. For our clients, it means confidence in the success of their cloud or hybrid cloud project at any scale.


How can we help?

As Microsoft accredited cloud service providers we’ve got the tools and talent to put the incredible potential of cloud technology at the heart of your operation.

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