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Unveiling Atech’s Latest Cloud Security Advanced Specialization

Posted on April 28, 2023

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We’ve been on quite the winning streak recently and couldn’t be happier to share our latest achievement.

We’re thrilled to announce that Atech has been awarded a Micorosoft Advanced Specialization in Cloud Security. This latest Microsoft Security certificate supplements our existing Advanced Specialization qualifications in Identity and Access Management and Threat Protection. Plus, at the time of publishing, we have just been awarded another Microsoft Security Advanced Specialization certificate in Information Protection (announcement incoming).

We underwent an extensive assessment process to earn this Microsoft Cloud Security qualification. We had to showcase our expertise in this discipline and our ability to deliver best-in-class security solutions for Azure, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.
Our latest expert award is down to the hard work of our dedicated team. We couldn’t be prouder of their achievements in honing their Microsoft proficiencies and gathering proof of our clients’ successes.

Learn more about where the certification fits within our wider commitment to cybersecurity standards and how it benefits our clients in this article.

Overview of Microsoft Cloud Security Specialization

The popularity of Cloud Services is continuing to grow, and with it, the risk of cyber threats. Attacks are becoming more common, complex and more expensive to mitigate than ever. To illustrate, researchers at Microsoft identified a 27% increase in cloud and SaaS threats in one year alone. Plus, 52% of organisations believe that data security concerns are holding them back in their cloud expansion plans.

That’s why Microsoft revamped its Solutions Partner framework and Advanced Specialization programme last year. They did it to raise the standards of attainment for managed SOC service providers and ensure customers were equipped with the skills and technologies to combat evolving cyber threats.

You can read more about the changes to the programme in this previous post. But, in a nutshell, more emphasis is placed on proving clients’ successes in varying solution areas, so customers can feel more assured that vendors can meet their unique industry needs.

How Atech attained this Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization

Before we get into the specifics of how we earned our latest Advanced Cloud Security accreditation, all qualifying partners in this area must previously hold Microsoft’s latest Solutions Partner for Security designation.

We achieved this accolade in October 2022, and so we were ready to apply for the Advanced certificate. The criteria for Micorosoft’s Cloud Security accreditation includes:

Proving optimal Cloud Security performance

  • Partners must achieve a minimum of $200,000 in Microsoft Azure consumed revenue (ACR) for Security workloads in the past 12 months.
  • Applicants must deploy qualifying products for this certification. These products include Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Firewall, Azure Firewall Manager, Azure WAF, DDOS Protection, and Azure Bastion.
  • Qualifying vendors must use Partner Admin Link (PAL) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) as their partner attribution.
  • Performance is measured on Customer Partner of Record (CPOR), CSP, Digital Partner of Record (DPOR), and PAL partner attributions.
  • Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization partners must also demonstrate their expertise in delivering Service Level 4 products. Some of these products include Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT, Key Vault, Application Gateway WAF v2, and Sentinel.

Demonstrating advanced knowledge of Cloud Security systems

  • At least six employees within the partnering company must achieve a passing mark in AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam.
  • Qualifying partners should have at least four employees pass Microsoft’s SC-200: Micoroft Security Operations Analyst exam.

Evidencing customer successes in Cloud Security solutions

We had to gather at least three customer testimonials that prove our clients’ success in Microsoft Cloud Security workload deployment. Microsoft and third-parties audited these proof points to verify their authenticity. Business areas examined included finance, supply chain, application development, sales and more.

What this latest Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization means for our customers

Working with a recognised Cloud Security Specialization expert with supporting qualifications in Identity and Access Management, Threat Protection and Information Protection ensures that you get access to the latest tools and teachings to keep your Cloud environment running smoothly at all times.

In addition, working with a company like Atech ensures that your Cloud Security compliance needs are met. It also guarantees your networks are constantly monitored in alignment with your industry’s ever-evolving regulatory environment.

For example, take a look at this case study from the financial services industry. Here, we performed a successful cloud migration and deployed automated security management protocols to safeguard all company data.

Scalability is also vitally important to those seeking to optimise Cloud Security. You must be able to rely on your solutions provider to meet your changing protection needs as your company grows. As a pure-play Microsoft provider, this latest Specialization certificate grants us early access to the latest Cloud Security tools. Subsequently, this preferential access enables our team to develop cutting-edge security solutions to ever-changing threat landscapes.

Priority services and round-the-clock support from Microsoft also ensures companies can optimise their IT budget across licences, hardware and software solutions. So, you can expand cloud services with the confidence that you are getting the best service delivery without paying over the odds.

Trust Atech to deliver unbeatable cloud services

To reiterate, we’re immensely proud of the Atech team for helping us gain this latest Advanced Cloud Security Specialization certificate.

It means that in choosing us, your organisation can benefit from expert knowledge in all aspects of Cloud Security. You will also get high-quality services capable of disarming cyber threats before they become an issue. And finally, with Atech, you can gain easy access to the latest Microsoft resources to reduce your threat landscape overall.

So, if you want to find out more about our managed SOC and cloud services, get in touch with us now.

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