Improving a global insurance firm's security risk management using an integrated solution suite

Modernising security risk management - Global Insurer

As one of the oldest industries in the world, the insurance industry rarely experiences periods of seismic shifts.
From an insurance customer perspective, digital transformation has considerably raised consumer expectations of the industry. End customers now demand a seamless, personalised service, where policies and claims can be processed and confirmed across multiple devices quickly. The insurance sector continues to grow, and sector analysts Deloitte sees that demand for insurance is expected to keep rising in their 2022 Insurance Industry Outlook report.

Subsequently, cybersecurity is becoming a high-priority issue for insurance firms worldwide. Insurers need to balance customer experience with security/regulatory requirements. They also need to remain competitive in a highly dynamic marketplace, where new disruptive players (such as embedded insurance services) are becoming more commonplace.

Enabling growth is key in an acquisitive, high-growth mid-market organisation. The balancing act is doing this without adding complexity and diverting the momentum of innovation within the business.

In this case study, find out more about our deepening expertise in cybersecurity within financial services companies and discover how we can help you safeguard sensitive data with cloud-first security tools.

The challenge


Atech was approached by a multinational insurance enterprise with 500+ employees across offices in London, New York, Cologne, Buenos Aires, and São Paulo. The company struggled to coordinate and protect its IT infrastructure, and they were aware that on-premises servers created a single point of attack for threat actors. So, the company sought an urgent deployment of a safer, cloud-based IT system to reduce their firm’s exposure to cyber criminals.

The use of on-premises servers, as well as being a clear cyber defence risk, also obstructed the firm’s ability to use better-equipped, cloud-enabled security management services solutions. As such, the company also wished to future-proof its cybersecurity model to make it more scalable and capable of meeting its evolving needs.

In addition, this global enterprise sought an effective method for streamlining resourcing costs, as they were also on the brink of an expensive Citrix/VMware and Mimecast licensing renewal.

Finally, as with all financial service providers, the company faced strict security risk management and regulatory standards across multiple jurisdictions (including data protection, FCA, and PCI compliance). All had to adhere to exacting data governance frameworks at all times.

One of the most crucial aspects of the project was ensuring that we could deliver a comprehensive Modern Workplace transformation without interrupting business continuity from system outages. We were also given a short time frame to complete the project – , so we knew our solutions and methodology had to be tried, tested and reliable. Moving the company to a serverless infrastructure was identified early on as the ideal method for expediting the IT upgrade. This is a considerable undertaking, but one we felt confident in delivering successfully by the allotted deadline.

The solution

Atech deployed an integrated security and Modern Workplace solution comprised of:

  • Migrating the last of the company’s data from its on-prem servers to a wholly cloud-enabled IT environment.
  • Enhancing security risk management using an integrated suite of solutions recognised by Microsoft for its efficacy and innovation, including Microsoft 365, Defender for Endpoint, and Defender for Identity for sensitive customer data.
  • Implementing AI-enabled security management services tools like Microsoft Sentinel and Azure AD Identity Protection to detect network anomalies and threats in near real-time.




The deployment of Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies simplified company compliance measures in the following ways:

A low-touch, automated infrastructure enabled the firm to uphold a durable security risk management posture and robust data governance strategy, enhancing organisational resilience and visibility for senior business leaders.

Automated Modern Workplace systems reduce instances of human error in the underwriting process, and simultaneously empowers the organisation to consolidate workflows and thus achieve new capacity objectives.

Migrating on-premises infrastructure, Citrix/VMware licensing, and deploying a serverless VDI solution (based on MS Modern Workplace) resulted in a 40% reduction in IT infrastructure costs.

Lowering IT expenditure as well as the admin burden on some 550 employees opened up new strategic potential for the business and its ability to operationalise security.

Empowered with Microsoft solutions and driven with Atech’s expertise, the client is set to expand their business, respond faster to market demands and keep sensitive customer data safe.

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