Mitigating Insider Threats with Atech’s Fully Managed SOC

Posted on October 19, 2022

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Organisations are chiefly concerned with external security threats. However, internal controls are also vital in protecting against sensitive business data.

93% of businesses know the dangers of not correctly mitigating cyber threats from employees and internal IT system users. Without proper security systems in place, company progress is undermined, resources are wasted, and businesses can fail entirely in the most extreme cases.

Using a SOC managed service provider can help an enterprise power its growth, protect its assets and safeguard your people’s productivity and job satisfaction, as some of our recent case studies can attest.

In this post, find out more about Atech’s Microsoft SOC workshops and webinars, and how we make it easy for you to foster a culture of security within your organisation.

Insider security risks in your IT environment

Even when system users have the best intentions, there are numerous insider threats to your enterprise’s cybersecurity. While some are accidental, the list can include:

  • Identity threats, i.e., suspicious user and sign-in behaviours – particularly in BYOD environments.
  • Vulnerabilities in multi-cloud environments, i.e., managing user identities and security as users move from on-premises systems, databases, apps, home devices, and more.
  • Compliance and data governance risks. For example, failure to protect customer data under GDPR can result in considerable fines.
  • Unintentional user mistakes, including phishing attacks or employees inadvertently exposing sensitive company data.
  • Intentional insider cybersecurity risks including theft, fraud, information leaks, conflict of interest, inappropriate conversations, etc.

That’s why it’s vital to have a comprehensive IT security policy that manages all of these critical operations in the background while your employees concentrate on business-building tasks. With that in mind, here is where our managed SOC services can help.

How Atech can help you level-up your in-house security

We run a full assessment of your current security posture. Then, we make recommendations on how to balance your security and productivity needs to maintain uninterrupted access to your workplace systems.

Following our assessment, we offer tailored 1-to-1 workshops, helping you conceptualise your organisational security journey with a clear vision of the tools and practices that will help you achieve your long-term business goals. These include:

  • SIEM/XDR for modernising threat detection and response
  • Secure Identities and access
  • Modern Endpoint management
  • Securing Multi-cloud
  • Compliance and privacy risks mitigation

These more specific workshops and individualised exploratory auditing sessions can dive deep into different aspects of your security strategy. In turn, they can help you create a robust threat detection and response protocol. Additionally, to help you transform your security posture, we can work on consolidating your solutions and fully optimising your SOC costs. Our mission is to create a single pane of glass with complete visibility of your security events and remediation strategies. We want to help you become altogether more proactive in your threat detection and grow your skill sets.

How leveling up with SOC managed service providers can spur your growth

Suppose a legal firm wants to create a broad company objective to mitigate insider risk across their multinational firm. Well, a tailor-made Atech risk workshop on the above topics could help them identify their security challenges. From there, IT teams can learn how to remedy them and prompt their company to explore how their enhanced security procedures can make them more efficient and cost-effective.

Identifying the exact methods for leveraging your existing tech stack (consolidating all solutions that are ‘doubling-up’ or slowing you down) helps you understand the impact of security strategy in a broader operations management context. The workshops are designed to inspire enterprise leaders to grasp the concept of making cybersecurity priorities. Also, crucially, offer up-to-date knowledge on how these security priorities are best achieved.

Atech can show you how frictionless risk mitigation controls do not necessarily mean endless investment in additional resources. Rather, how your strategies can lead according to your operational priorities in a way that can ultimately help you maintain better control of your IT costs. We offer guidance on how you can operationalise your security priorities, so you don’t need to hire a cybersecurity expert in-house to implement your policies.

Who can attend these 1-2-1 Microsoft SOC workshops?

Following a security baseline assessment, outlining your current security posture against best practice baselines specific to your industry, our expert cybersecurity workshops teach you how to leverage your IT security environment to meet your company goals.

We devise a 1-to-1 workshop programme that will strengthen your company’s ability to become proactive in cybersecurity response and remediation procedures. You’ll walk away with a clear set of recommendations and next-step actions to implement.

Cybersecurity is a company-wide objective, so we have made our workshops and webinar training as accessible as possible. We have created a range of resources that speak to a wide range of IT and C-suite executives, including:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Governance Officer
  • IT Security, IT Compliance, and/or IT Operators
  • Data Governance personnel

Atech are SOC managed service providers that align with your business goals

Atech delivers pure-play Microsoft SOC with full remediation capabilities. Our CREST-accredited, fully managed SOC services are based on the Microsoft 365 Defender suite and Sentinel.

With automation, consolidation, and simplification of your cyberthreat protection, our highly credentialed SOC enables you to detect, respond and remediate insider threats in almost real-time.

We have achieved advanced specialisations in Identity and Access Management and Threat Detection – a level of attainment considered more advanced than Microsoft Gold Partner status. As a result of our demonstrated proficiency in modernising endpoint and device management posture, we’re also proud to have been named finalists for the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 Modern Endpoint award. Our dedication to ensuring our work is recognised within the Microsoft SOC industry effectively proves that we can be the perfect partner in your multi-cloud security transformation.

So, contact us now to learn how Atech can help you modernise threat detection and drive a tailored security roadmap for your business.

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