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How to deliver personal IT support at an enterprise scale

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Posted on September 17, 2021

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Addicted to service. It’s the foundation for our business, it’s what every team member prides themselves on, and it’s one of the things that our clients say sets us apart.


Because customer experience is everything within a modern business. According to research from Forbes:

  • 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.
  • 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially.
  • Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue.
  • Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable.

The changing face of IT support

IT support has changed – initially pushed by the drive towards digitalisation and more recently by remote working.

Where most support desks focus on reacting quickly to address issues, or perhaps taking more proactive actions to prevent them happening, Atech is different. We believe that every organisation needs access to enterprise-grade technology to retain the business agility and speed of service, which allows them to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

For us, IT support isn’t about keeping you up and running, it’s about creating the next version of your business, enabling it to operate at a higher level and achieve your ultimate business goals. Therefore, we place our emphasis on delivering enterprise-grade technology with a personal service, because this is what enables your whole team to achieve great things.

Delivering enterprise-grade services

Even though remote working is now the ‘new norm’, it wasn’t so long ago that it was simply a ‘perk of the job’. But when the UK was placed under lockdown, with the workforce required to work from home wherever possible, it was the businesses that had embraced remote working previously that thrived.

With the ability to pivot to the new way of working with minimal change, they were able to get on with business-as-usual, as others scrambled around trying to get their hands on basic necessities, like laptops.

And that’s the importance of enterprise-grade technology. It’s not about having the shiny, new innovations, it’s about setting your business up for success because it has everything it needs to adapt to the changing market conditions.

Adopting the right technology, your business creates the right IT infrastructure to deliver operational excellence, digital proficiency, innovation and business agility – the essential ingredients for delivering the best customer experience.

Pursuing a remote-first, cloud-first strategy, you thrive in the new modern world of work because:

  • Your team has the tools to collaborate, communicate and access the information they need when working away from the office.
  • You gain visibility into their productivity with the insights needed to accurately measure performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • You secure your business against increasing cyber threats because your remote team understands how to present a united front against malicious attackers.
  • You acquire transparency into operating costs, able to see where your IT spend isn’t being used as effectively as it could be, and optimising appropriately.

Providing a personal service

Your business is built on people, really smart people that you hired because they are capable of achieving great things for your business. But just because they’re smart, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re technology-savvy – in fact, over half (54%) of SMEs say their main technology concern in 2020 is their lack of technology-savvy workers.

For a remote worker, one of the biggest problems is working alone. In the office, if they couldn’t access SharePoint to find the document they needed, they could shout over to José who would resolve the issue in a matter of minutes. But it’s not like that when you’re working from home.

Just imagine being in their shoes.

Top of your priorities could be compiling a report that is due by the end of play. You know exactly where the information is that you need to feed into your analysis, but you can’t access the data. You don’t know if there is an issue with permissions or with the network you’re on. You’ve tried every work around you can think of. You’ve emailed a couple of colleagues, but noone is  responding. With every moment that passes you’re becoming increasingly stressed because the deadline is looming and you know you’ll be responsible for failing to deliver, and the technology issues were to blame. In an all-remote scenario, somehow the stress caused by these issues become compounded and feel a lot worse than they did in the office.

Noone should have to suffer stress and anxiety because of an IT issue.

If/when things don’t work as they should, your team wants to know that they can pick up the phone and a friendly face will be on the other end to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

Only 19% of companies have a first contact resolution over 80% – Atech’s is 82%.

We achieve this because our service desk engineers boast a combined 50 years experience and we follow a robust internal process. Every ticket is reviewed by one of our dispatchers, who then assigns it to an engineer with the appropriate skill-set and escalates if/when required.

Furthermore, because our Expert Service Desk operates 24/7/365, it doesn’t matter when your team is working, because we’re always available. And if you experience a P1 incident, our SLA offers:

  • 15-minute response time.
  • Resolution plan within 2-hours.
  • (If required) engineers onsite within 4-hours.

Over the last 6 months, we have broken our customer satisfaction scores twice over, and have been delighted at the positive responses from our clients in what has been a very unusual time. With 96% of tickets responded to in 10 minutes, speed continues to be our team’s strength. What we have also seen is an unforeseen volume of tickets, so maintaining our first contact resolution rate at an industry-leading standard, and achieving resolution SLA exceeding 97% is down to our team.

421 positive customer satisfaction responses recorded June-July

As part of continuous service improvements, we gather customer satisfaction feedback from our clients. This summer, we have been humbled by an overwhelming 421 positive responses, some of which we are pleased to share here:

“Very fast response to out of hours problem. The situation was critical. You saved my day!”

“Thank you for sending me your feedback on the action taken. It is good to receive feedback, and makes the service a bit more personal.”

“Fantastic service, resolved issue really quickly and explained what had happened.”

“I am very delighted how my problem has been dealt with in the night and I do appreciate the manner I was answered. The TECH services has been excellent to me, THANKS.”

“Very quick, what more can I say. Your engineer was polite and gave me a refresher course on accessing workbooks in Excel.”

Stay tuned to meet some of the members of the team, delivering enterprise-grade services and support to our growing client base.

So how can we help you?

We help our clients to focus on their v3.0 to ensure their business can re-imagine productivity in a new age, with built-in resilience to respond to future challenges. This way you can protect your team and everything they have worked so hard to achieve.

Through digital transformation we can help your business respond, recover and re-imagine your operations and not only adapt to but embrace the ‘new normal’, ensuring:

  • Your team has the right tools to do their jobs.
  • Your technology is continually optimised to achieve more for your business.
  • Your security posture is hardened to protect you against threats.
  • Your people are fully supported at all times.

Contact us now, and let us help you secure your vision for the future.

Atech Team Ryan Langley
Ryan Langley CEO

Ryan Langley is the CEO of Atech having been with the company for more than 10 years. Ryan has a strong background in IT networks, IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity. Ryan gives an efficient solution for a wide range of technologies and industries.

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