Digital Transformation: Your Route to Success

Involve Atech in your digital transformation and we’ll help you create operational efficiency and achieve profitable growth to retain your competitiveness in a digital world.

In an increasingly competitive world, success is reliant on creating an agile organisation that responds quickly to the changing market conditions, increasing profitability and protecting the bottom line.

In an effort to future-proof their business, 8 in 10 organisations have undertaken a digital transformation in the past five years. And yet success is proving to be elusive – less than 30% succeed¹. What’s more, only 5% of organisations are considered ‘digital leaders’, where digital transformation is ingrained in the DNA of the business². 

But when certain critical success factors are in place, companies are 3 times more likely to succeed¹: 

  • People – Senior managers ensure greater collaboration between units. 
  • Process – Standard operating procedures include new digital technologies. 
  • Technology – Digital tools make information more accessible across the organisation. 
Design Wave

“Atech helped us to achieve our vision and business goals. Having worked with other MSPs in the past there really is no comparison.”

Roy Eden, Chief Operations Officer, Bravo Investments Limited

“Players, members and staff have easy and quick access to any information they need, when they need it from wherever they are, on a scalable intelligent cloud platform”

Steve Johnson, Head of Development, Lawn Tennis Association

“Atech allows us to focus on our bigger IT issues and strategy, rather than getting tangled up in, and frustrated by the day-to-day problem solving of user needs and issues.”

Tcha Willson, Head of IT & Infrastructure, Octopus Investments

Design Wave

Atech delivers successful digital transformation through…

Supporting ambition

Your IT infrastructure is the enabler to achieving your overall business strategy. Whatever your future visions, we’ll map your requirements to select the right mix of digital solutions towards growth. This creates greater stakeholder value, and ultimately, makes your business ambitions a reality. 

Managing expectations

The more applications and connected devices under your business’ belt, likely the higher your expectations. As an key member of your team, we provide the capability to ensure users are always up-to-speed on how to leverage technology securely. We can also shift the emphasis on IT support away from traditional management, towards IT strategies and projects striving for positive business change and future-proofing.

Establishing business-as-usual

Once you’ve carried out the digital transformation, the tough bit is ensuring the change sticks. Using our skills, knowledge and experience, we’ll give your team the confidence to embed the new way of working into the company’s DNA . And through our cloud managed services, we’ll continue to monitor and optimise your environment.

Are you set up for success?

Whatever your vision for the future, we can help you successfully achieve it by making your digital transformation part of business-as-usual.

¹ “Unlocking success in digital transformations”, McKinsey,
² “Take The Leap Ahead”, Vanson Bourne,!/landing

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