Whether adopting a cloud-first strategy or hybrid approach, businesses are keen to migrate their systems, platforms and applications to the cloud to start enjoying impressive cost savings.

But then the monthly bills start rolling in. They don’t feel quite right, you’re not certain about what you’re paying for, and your biggest fear is haemorrhaging costs you can’t afford. You start to worry that perhaps your IT infrastructure is now over-provisioned or that it’s not fit-for-purpose, but you don’t have the intelligence to prove it. In fact, executives estimate that up to one third of cloud spend is wasted.

You want reassurance, and that’s exactly what we’re set up to provide.

Optimising your IT budget

Choose to work with Atech and the first thing we’re going to do is assess what you’re paying for, show you a detailed breakdown and explain what it all means – and if you are haemorrhaging money, we’ll tell you what you need to do to stop the bleed and get things back under control.

Then we’re going to align your technology roadmap with your overall business objectives. IT is the enabler for your business plan, so it has to come along on this journey so you can become a technology-led business.

Visibility over your costs

We’re here to give you clear, transparent advice. We have nothing to hide, which is why we’re going to show you exactly what you’re paying for now, and simply explain how you can optimise your IT infrastructure so you’re only paying for what you need. We demonstrate your projected and actual cost savings with our ROI calculator.

Business agility

Assisting with IT budget management we ensure every penny delivers ROI as you scale. And if there’s a downturn, we can provide IT cost cutting strategies to help you scale-in, scale-down and resizing elements of your infrastructure without affecting the service performance.

Cost optimisation strategies

We want to be the one to reassure you that your environment is compliant and fit-for-purpose. If it’s not, we can help you create a roadmap of technology enhancements, and then help you to continually optimise it – for one of our clients, this optimisation process delivered 1638% ROI over 3 years.

Trust Atech to deliver the next version of your business

Why not download our Guide to Cost Optimisation to learn more – or talk to our team about how we can provide you with complete visibility over your costs and the intelligence and clarity to know how to continuously optimise your infrastructure.

Related Case Study

evestor logo

A series of events kickstarted evestor to start questioning whether its existing infrastructure had them set up for future success. With ambitious growth plans to create a modern workplace that enabled them to scale, their ongoing bills highlighted concerns, as Microsoft Start Up funding had ceased.

Suspecting it was over provisioned, evestor engaged the specialist in Azure optimisation, Atech, to assess its environment and provide recommendations on how to best optimise its existing infrastructure, while dramatically reducing costs. The insights from the holistic business and infrastructure assessments results enabled them to achieve an astonishing ROI of 1638%.