Microsoft Azure Optimisation

When using Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), there’s no need to feel alone in the responsibility of keeping your instances, applications, workloads and data secure. Cloud security and a well-managed cloud infrastructure is something we can provide to enhance your business. Atech, in partnership with Microsoft, are dedicated to making your Azure environment secure, available and governed. 

Open the door to success 

Want to move workloads into Microsoft Azure? Then cloud optimisation’s the doorway and Atech’s got the key. The Atech team’s got years of industry knowledge and experience under their belts to tune your Microsoft Azure platform for the best possible performance. 

Atech Azure optimisation focuses on these areas: 

  • Configuration – We’ll help minimise your costs, time and effort while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your cloud storage. 
  • Governance – Through Microsoft Azure, we’ll provide mechanisms and processes to maintain control over your environment and resources. 
  • Security – Managing cloud security involves a combination of assessing cyber security threats, collecting and analysing security data and ensuring that your resources are designed to perform. 
  • Protecting – We’ll ensure that your cloud storage environment is always available, even in the case of outages beyond your control. 

We take the time to invest, learn and stay at the top of our game so you can rely on our strategic IT support advice to stay at the top of yours. Our Azure experts can make sure a positive asset, such as Azure OMS, works for you. Whether you’re looking to make a cloud migration, consolidate and modernise your cloud solution, explore a hybrid cloud strategy, or optimise existing cloud storage platforms – Atech can help every step of the way.