As businesses adapt to the increased need to work remotely and connect with customers virtually, employees expect technology to help them be productive. As the user base of Windows Virtual Desktop changed during the pandemic, Microsoft’s vision for the product changed with it, and so Windows Virtual Desktop is now Azure Virtual Desktop. Users care not only about Windows at the core of the experience, but the broader environment that they are creating, and Azure is a part of that, with an exciting set of new features that are highly relevant for the new world of work.

What outcomes can Azure Virtual Desktop deliver?

By blending the security of the convergence of the Microsoft ecosystem (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop), organisations are addressing specific business needs around security and regulation, an elastic and mobile workforce and increasingly specialised workloads. This helps achieve:

  • Secure access to regulated areas, so that employees can access the data they need
  • Compliance with industry regulations and visibility of how the regulations are met
  • Mergers/acquisitions, temps and contractor access calls for enablement of an elastic workforce
  • Employee-specific needs around personalisation, device agnosticism, mobile working, and branches
  • Design, engineering and development requirements, as well as legacy apps mean specialised workloads

Why choose Azure Virtual Desktop?

The modern workplace enables employees to be productive while simplifying management, provisioning, and access to data. In new hybrid working models, Azure Virtual Desktop offers capabilities, efficiencies, security and end-user experience that empower IT to transform the workplace, whatever the size of your organisation. Atech aligns with your business to architect your ideal virtualisation infrastructure.

More reasons for choosing Azure Virtual Desktop

AVD allows you to optimise your desktop virtualisation experience to leverage the power of a modern cloud. What are the benefits of this over other options available? We’ve outlined them below:

1. Expand capabilities with the best virtualised end-user experience

  • Connect to any platform with an experience that is just like native
  • Enhance protocol by adapting bandwidth utilisation
  • Enable fast VHD load times and log-on times with containerised user profiles
  • Drive stronger collaboration with Teams enhancements

2. Realise more efficient and simplified management

  • Unify both Desktop and RemoteApp experiences for easy-to-grasp learning
  • Engage flexible user experiences through a single host pool and multiple app
  • Utilise automated VM deployment
  • Solve errors quickly with simplified but powerful troubleshooting with advanced diagnostics

3. Ensure security and modernisation with a standardised, global cloud

  • Reach anyone, anywhere within 54 regions – more than any other cloud provider
  • Rely on powerful cyber defence operations with over 3,500 full-time security professionals
  • Assign role-based access controls to admins

4. Drive down costs without compromising quality

  • Decrease spending to only virtual machines, storage, and networking consumed while using the service
  • Employ the full Windows 10 experience at multi-session cost
  • Absorb the licences you already own to limit spending

How do you deploy and manage VMs with Azure Virtual Desktop and Atech?

At a high level, the architecture of Azure Virtual Desktop provides virtualisation infrastructure as a managed service. AVD utilises Azure Active Directory identity management service and allows you to deploy and manage VMs in your Azure subscription, manage using existing tools like Configuration Manager, or simply connect to on-premise resources.

You only need an Azure account to quickly deploy and manage your virtualisation environment and pay for the virtual machines and storage you use. You can optimise costs by taking advantage of Reserved Instances (up to 72%) and by using multi-session Windows 10.

Whether you choose to deploy and manage through Atech’s customer portal, or whether this forms part of a managed service we deliver for you, you retain full visibility and control of your environment, with easy-to-access comprehensive reporting on usage.

Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

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