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Tips for A Successful Azure Migration

Posted on July 17, 2023

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With an optimal Azure migration strategy, you gain the ability to reinvent your business completely. You can introduce new value propositions, automate your operations efficiently, and reduce overall IT costs. But, you can only reap the full benefits of Azure if you get your migration plans right.

That is to say, a lot can go wrong in a cloud migration journey – your IT costs can spiral out of control, or your data can fall prey to cybercriminals. In most cases, it’s best to enlist the help of an experienced Azure migration service provider like Atech. We hold Microsoft Advanced Specialization qualifications and can guarantee your Azure migration project will not only run without a hitch, but also bolster your brand.

In this article, we’ll outline some valuable tips for avoiding the pitfalls of cloud migration planning. We’ll also explore how you can build on your Azure migration project’s success, even after the initial transformation is complete.

The benefits of deploying a successful Azure cloud migration project

Leveraging cloud services in your enterprise systems requires much work, specialised skills, and tooling. However, the benefits of Azure cloud migration make all the effort and investment worth it. Here are some of the pros of Azure cloud migration.

  • Improved security and compliance: Cloud services come equipped with all the security and data compliance tools you need to operate in highly regulated industries like finance and healthcare.
  • An agile and scalable IT environment: You can increase your IT capabilities in line with demand through the help of cloud-based tools and on-premises infrastructure. Plus, you can improve IT performance while maintaining flawless operations during the migration process.
  • Streamlined IT admin: IT managers can monitor on-premises and cloud resources from one centralised dashboard, offering simplified management and Axure monitoring capabilities.
  • Cost-efficient IT enhancement: Creating a tailor-made hybrid cloud model can help you control your IT expenditure and ensure ROI.


Tips for a successful Azure migration

While Microsoft has online tools for calculating TCO (total cost of ownership), to truly leverage the efficiencies within Azure requires a more nuanced assessment and planning. As Azure data migration service experts, we examine your current business systems and build a practical roadmap to ensure that your Azure cloud migration plans incur minimal business disruption.

We also have access to advanced Azure migration tools, so your system upgrades can go further in securing your companies future IT needs. We provide much more accurate running costs using these methodologies with no broad assumptions made. With that in mind, consider some of these valuable tips for seamless azure migration services.

Quantify the scope of your cloud migration project

Azure migration can quickly expand, and resources can be misdirected if you do not precisely quantify and map out your data. An expert Azure migration provider can help you quantify your data’s costs and migration schedules.

They can also advise on more affordable options. For instance, you may believe that refactoring specific applications to run on Azure presents a good option. However, an expert may conclude that the cost of refactoring could be very expensive and unnecessary if your legacy systems can handle the workload sufficiently. The best managed service Azure migration providers will advise you to spend only what you need to modernise systems.

Plan your Azure Migration in phases

Planning your Azure migration journey in phases will provide you with the tools to solve any problems before they affect your systems. Additionally, it will allow you to operate as usual during the changes,

Working with a managed service provider can help you test and monitor the migration process for all possible risks, even after the transition is complete. They can also ensure that your new service model delivers the best user experience for your needs.

Invest in the right tools to streamline your Azure migration route

Businesses must maintain data security and regulatory compliance procedures during and after their Azure cloud migration. Here are some Azure tools that can assist with these procedures and your migration journey as a whole:

  • Azure Migrate is a tool that allows you to discover, assess and migrate all of your devices in a seamless and compliant way. It considers the present condition of your on-premises Virtual Machines (VMs), identifies their components, and suggests the best Azure services to set up. From there, you can test and retest every workload before starting the complete migration of your IT environment.
  • Azure Database Migration Service facilitates the migration of database content to SQL Server to Azure.
  • Azure Monitor can help with testing. It gathers information from a variety of sources, such as custom apps, VMs, plus logs and metrics from the Azure platform.
  • Azure Application Insights is a component of Azure Monitor and offers Application Performance Monitoring (APM). APM tracks app development throughout the testing phase and into production.
  • Azure Log Analytics can also update and execute log queries from data gathered by Azure Monitor. This tool analyses patterns, spots trends, and gives you fresh perspectives on your data.
  • Azure’s Import/Export service is another helpful tool that can safely import vast amounts of data to Azure Files and Azure Blob storage, by sending disc drives to an Azure data centre.
  • Azure Backup is perfect for your archived data. An on-site storage area network (SAN) is another viable alternative, enabling full access to on-premises and cloud data.
  • Microsoft Assessment and Planning toolkit can find your servers and applications to assist you in creating an inventory.

Atech will help you pick the best options. We take your recovery time and recovery point objectives into account, so that you can experience no compliance disruption or data loss during the Azure migration process.

Assign users using the least privilege principle

Your user base should experience zero productivity interruptions during your migration. Azure IAM ensures that users can only access the required services by implementing the least privilege principle.

Azure management service providers can assist you in assigning the proper permissions before your transfer, safeguarding users from security risks.

Atech is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure (Azure) with Specialism in Windows Server and SQL Server Migration

Atech can accomplish all your cloud migration goals with the least amount of risk imposed to your company.

We have recently obtained Microsoft’s updated Advanced Specialisation accreditation in Windows Server and SQL Server migration of Microsoft Azure. This accolade proves our expertise in complex migrations of business-critical workloads, which translates to a truly transformative Azure cloud migration journey for your enterprise.

We go above and beyond in making your Azure migration a success. So, if you want to learn more about our azure data migration service, please get in touch.

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