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SIEM: Modernise your Workplace Security – Here’s how


Posted on November 7, 2022

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As remote/hybrid working becomes ‘the new normal’, the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks are fast becoming a huge issue for companies. Add to this the threats posed by system users themselves, such as exposure of critical business information, theft, or fraud (which can easily go undetected), and business owners have a real task on their hands when it comes to securing their IT environment.

Without the proper tools in place, it is virtually impossible to analyse and prioritise the vast volume of security incidents across your company. More complex threats and attacks are launched daily, while more traditional ones continue circulating. This is why businesses need access to intelligence beyond their perimeter, industry, and market to take on a more proactive approach to security.

SIEM and XDR tools are designed to pool your cloud, on-premises, application, and device data, and make sense of it from a cybersecurity perspective.
They are integral to our protection, defense, and remediation work for clients here at Atech.
In this post, find out more about our managed SIEM/XDR services and workshops. Discover how they can help you improve your threat intelligence capabilities (both externally and internally) to get the most from our fully managed SOC services.

Key differences between SIEM and XDR

SIEM was first developed as a tool for gathering, aggregating, and storing all available log and event data from virtually any source within a given enterprise system.
From there, companies can use the information for governance and compliance purposes. They can also perform rule-based pattern matching, threat detection using heuristics or behavioural techniques, such as User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) Furthermore SIEM can also be used for scanning telemetry sources for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) or atomic signals.

However, the issue with SIEM is the sheer volume of alerts, which can sometimes overwhelm security professionals. To use an illustrative example, Atech has previously worked with a relatively small client with less than 100 personnel. Their SIEM systems generated 34 million security events in just 30 days, the vast majority of which posed no threat to the enterprise.

In response to the flaws of SIEM, XDR platforms were developed to create targeted attack detection and mitigation strategies. Their capabilities include threat intelligence, profiling, and analysis of user behaviours. In other words, XDR goes beyond SIEM, cutting out the ‘noise’ of false security alarms. In its place, XDR provides a consolidated, single pane of glass view across all systems and attack surfaces.

Azure Sentinel: the next generation in AI-driven cloud security

Cloud-native SIEM tools from Microsoft Sentinel and Azure provide enterprises with SIEM and XDR in one cost-effective system. It offers never-ending storage and a limitless number of queries for your enterprise systems. This means you can ensure threats remain logged and mitigated even as you scale up your brand. In fact, findings from Forrester reveal that Microsoft Sentinel can enable a 201% ROI in the first three years.

You can read more about MS Sentinel’s capabilities in this previous post. To summarise the programme’s core functionalities in this use case example, MS Sentinel’s SIEM system employs indicator-based algorithms that compare unprocessed events from your data sources against defined threat indicators.

As a pure-play Microsoft Partner, our SOC services are built around Microsoft Sentinel, which offers exceptional features to help you identify, analyse and remediate numerous security issues. We work with you to help you determine your needs, establish your rules-based indicators and then use MS Sentinel to align them with your overall company objectives.

How Atech’s tailored SIEM SOC and XDR workshops improve your security posture

At the start of your cybersecurity modernisation journey with Atech, we conduct a full cybersecurity assessment of your firm. We gather data from on-premise, cloud platforms, devices, applications, and infrastructure and help you determine the threat signals you should prioritise to help you cut through the noise and complexity of SIEM. We then go above and beyond, offering specialised SIEM and XDR training for your C-suite and IT teams.

We condense the latest research and developments in managed SIEM and SOC systems into actionable insights your firm can use to improve your security posture.
And, to ensure you’re always up to date, we’re happy to offer these workshops and assessments regularly (on a quarterly or monthly basis) to keep you up-to-speed.

At Atech, we simplify security operations and speed up threat response with integrated automation and orchestration of everyday tasks and workflows.

Outcomes of Atech’s cloud-native managed SIEM/XDR and Azure Sentinel services

We treat your business like our own. Our team is here to streamline security operations and quicken your threat response, deploying Microsoft’s tools to automate standardised workflows.

Our managed SOC services can also be planned to suit your budgeting needs. With our combined assessment, training, and recommendations services, we can help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provide affordable cloud-native Azure Sentinel SIEM services that cost 48% less than conventional SIEMs.
  • Cut time and labour costs in advanced cybersecurity investigations by 80%.
  • Eliminate approximately 79% of security ‘false alarms’ across your systems.
  • Increase SIEM deployment speeds by 67% as our solutions come pre-built.
  • Reduce your orgnanisation’s infrastructure and SIEM management demands by 56% as we migrate your security operations to the cloud.

Atech’s SIEM SOC is dedicated to galvanizing your cybersecurity strategies

We’re an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, Modern Work, and Azure Infrastructure. We were also proud to have been named as a Finalist in Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Awards for Endpoint Management. This title has helped us in our positioning as one of the top four service providers globally in this field.

As a company, Atech has over 15 years of experience managing enterprise security across a wide range of industries. We can deliver future-ready SIEM SOC solutions that grow with your brand’s evolving needs.

So if you’re a Microsoft customer and want to learn more about our XDR/SIEM workshops and managed SIEM services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team now.

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