Ham Yard - Modern Workplace Case Study
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Ham Yard Modern Workplace Case Study

Transforming the Client Experience - Ham Yard

In the midst of Soho and only moments from Mayfair, Ham Yard, which revolves around a tree-filled garden and has a truly authentic urban village feel. Alongside the Hotel’s 91 individually designed bedrooms and suites are 24 apartments, 13 independent stores and a restaurant & bar with outdoor dining.

The owners of this award-winning chain of boutique hotels, who pride themselves on excellence and a unique style, were looking for a technology company that could complement their existing IT team in the design and delivery of a robust and redundant network.

The tech for an authentic boutique experience

The Problem

Without being disparaging, suppliers, contractors, and even local building companies are frequently slow to adopt or adapt new technological developments in the fit-out and building management space. This client wanted to lead the way in transforming the digital hotel experience for its customers, knowing that by optimising modern, up-to date technology, they could improve the overall experience.

They were also clear from the outset that Security on this project was critical to protect the brand and the prestigious clients who utilise their hotel on a regular basis. The solution Atech provided ensured a high quality digital experience, implemented on a robust cyber-secure platform.

Project delivery

The first step in the project was scoping out the client requirements and then designing the technology platform to meet the objectives for services, security, and the running of applications. The offered solution was to utilize next generation Cisco switches to create a fully redundant core network, whilst also reducing the latency of the internal traffic to allow this new digital building to perform the way it was originally intended.

As part of the overall solution, Atech utilised a threat-focused, next-generation security product. Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) were chosen with Firepower Services. By implementing the Cisco’s ASA, Atech was able to offer a secure network that would block thousands of advanced and known threats daily, stop phishing attacks, ransomware and known malicious actors, whilst also providing a centralised visual dashboard for efficient and effective management, enabling quick detection, containment and remediation of any incident – all from a single pane of glass.

The challenges

The Hotel was on a very strict deadline to be ready for its grand opening; therefore, delivery of the overall solution was phased in line with the other contractors and the overall project plan. This was a seamless integration as Atech could design and build the technology off site in its specifically allocated “lab” facility. By prestaging the equipment and build, it allowed for a full proof of concept and client UAT sign off to be carried out prior to being installed on-site. With this approach, Atech’s Project Manager could orchestrate the technical architects and implementation engineers with minimal impact to the other contractors and suppliers.

Transforming the Client Experience

The result

The Hotel has already started to see a return from its investment. It now has the ability to gauge real time information about its occupancy and by installing Atech’s solution; it is able to offer a much more enhanced experience for its clients. Integrated security and the long-term benefits of having data readily available allows a focus on providing an authentic boutique experience.

Working smarter with a secure platform

For all businesses today, both large and small, there is a real focus to enhance the way they engage with the customer by utilising new technologies and working smarter to deliver better products and services. Atech is leading the way in this field, enabling new digital buildings to have the agility to embrace all future technologies, whilst being built on a robust and secure platform. Our research and development is second to none and is driven by our own in-house innovation team. Whilst we have had great success to date, we need to be ready for the on-going trend of the digital transformation.

A centralised visual dashboard for efficient management and fast, data-driven decision-making in the face of cyberthreats

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Atech offers the whole gamut of IT services, from strategic consultancy to implementation and ongoing support.

We work closely with you to identify the right combination of services for your needs and deliver them with our customary commitment to quality, efficiency and attention to detail.

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Implementing Modern Workplace solutions is about more than a simple cloud migration. Your infrastructure needs to be managed and optimised 24/7 to ensure it continues to add value to the business, while demonstrating compliance and security.

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