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What makes us an expert Azure services provider?

Posted on February 24, 2022

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Are you looking for an Azure managed services partner? Choosing a reliable cloud services provider is no small decision. With your data in another business’ hands, you need someone reliable and experienced in delivering value, security and performance with the latest cloud technologies.

We know what it takes to migrate mid-sized firms to enterprise Microsoft platforms. We have migrated over 10,000 clients to Azure technologies, making us a leading UK provider of Azure managed services.

In this article, we’ll walk you through what to look for in an Azure solutions provider and outline why we’re Azure experts in each of the markets we serve. We’ll cover key topics like cloud credentials to Azure service methods, so you can have a full overview of what a successful Azure managed service looks like.

Expert Azure service credentials

Whether it’s DevOps capabilities or cybersecurity standards, you want to know you’re dealing with the best when transitioning to a new cloud platform. Unfortunately, doing due diligence on every aspect of your Azure service partners can be extremely time-consuming. If you’re looking for a quick way to determine the expertise of potential Azure managed service providers, you can compare their credentials in Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft runs a partner programme for service providers that validates their skills in Azure and other Microsoft solutions. Microsoft provides partners with badges to help customers better identify their areas of expertise, level of certification and awards they have earned. The accreditations are gained based on certifications held as well as on successful projects delivered and subsequently validated or audited by Microsoft. Therefore, using and understanding the accreditation framework, you can quickly identify certified versus non-certified Azure service providers and find ones with the highest rating for peace of mind.

Unlike other solutions providers, Atech is an eight-time Microsoft Gold partner meaning we hold gold-level certifications in multiple Microsoft solutions. They include Cloud migration, Cloud productivity, Data as well as Cloud Platform, Small and Midmarket Cloud solutions, Cloud Datacentre, Application development and integration and more. Our engineers spend nearly a thousand hours per year furthering their certifications, ensuring we deliver the highest standard of skill and expertise to our clients.

We also hold an Advanced Specialization in Azure Virtual Desktop and accreditations in cybersecurity best practices, meaning we’re a highly experienced Azure solutions provider.

Reliable Azure managed service and support

The methodologies of your chosen Azure managed service provider matter just as much as their Microsoft certifications. Any Azure solution requires strategic planning before its implementation so you and your team can utilise a well-optimised and secure platform. Moreover, you need to identify a managed services firm capable of ongoing support for identity management policies and platform upgrades as your Azure demands grow.

As a comprehensive Azure solutions provider, we can simplify your entire cloud migration process under a single invoice. We achieve this simplicity by following two Microsoft-approved Azure service implementation methods.

Firstly, the Cloud Adoption Framework helps you establish a core strategic plan and ongoing governance strategy. Secondly, the Well-Architected Framework ensures your cloud platform is aligned with your business objectives and delivers on the standards you need to remain competitive. Combined, each framework guarantees that your teams access an efficient, reliable and agile cloud platform for your long-term business needs.

Scalable Azure services with fast ROI

Whether you’re a mid-market firm with huge stores of legacy data or a growing SME on a budget, cost optimisation is vital.

Cloud migration spend can quickly grow if you’re not sure about your short-term business needs, and with feature-rich environments, it can be tempting to add new capabilities just in case. Moreover, the platform-as-a-service model means storage and processing costs can escalate if you’re not careful with your provisioning. That’s why it’s important to identify an Azure managed service partner who can ensure cost optimisation as well as operational efficiency. It may be worth looking at your application layer and consider these in the context of a wider optimisation initiative. The right partner will stimulate discussion around what good looks like, and ensure you achieve it.

Having migrated over 10,000 clients to Azure service solutions, we know the true breadth of industry needs. Our emphasis on automation helps us deliver cost savings during routine elements of your Azure implementation and allows us to focus on addressing your particular needs via custom solutions.

Our innovations deliver real value to our clients. For example, our pre-migration assessment of The Lawn Tennis Association allowed us to deliver CapEx savings of £300k alongside +30% monthly savings. Furthermore, our optimisation of eVestor’s Azure architecture enabled a 1638% ROI on their initial cloud strategy and provided an additional 32% of monthly savings.

After each project, the clients could access their new and optimised cloud platform while also investing the newly available funds in other areas of their business at the same time.

Access Azure solutions with a trusted partner

Finding an experienced Azure services provider can be difficult. With so many aspects of your business to consider, how can you be sure which cloud implementation partner can deliver uninterrupted service and fast ROI?

By prioritising partners with strong credentials in Microsoft technologies, you can have total peace of mind that your new cloud platform will be optimised for your current and future needs. Additionally, managed service partners with transparent methodologies and automated tools ensure you receive tailored support and consistently align your business with your strategic needs. Beyond implementation according to the Well-Architected Framework, we have the capacity to deliver ongoing services at scale.

Transform your business with Atech’s Azure solutions

Atech is a leading Azure managed service provider and multi-Gold Microsoft partner.

We offer a range of solutions to help transform your organisation with cloud-based tools, enabling you to take advantage of the latest features while ensuring quick ROI.

Get in touch and speak to one of our experts to learn more and see where cloud technologies can take your business.

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