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Our growth story – or how Atech accelerated its growth plans

Posted on August 18, 2021

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We were very excited to announce the recent news of our funding with BOOST&Co and equally delighted to follow how the news of our funding was picked up by private equity media and investor trade press. The funding will enable us to build out our service offering as technology specialists delivering digital transformation for visionary businesses with complex technology requirements.

Over the last few months our team has been growing at a rapid pace, and we are now in the unique position of expanding our deep vertical skills and boosting our 24/7 global offering with complementary services from organic and acquisition-led growth. The funding validates what our customers are saying about our team as digital thought leaders.

With this new chapter around the corner, it’s timely to share what our growth journey has been like, and how our customers stand to gain from how we are evolving as a business.

The inside story

One of the things I’m often asked about is what it takes to grow and scale a business and what has been the key to our growth journey. How has it really played out behind the scenes? Is scaling your business the hockey stick graph everyone tells you about?

It is fair to say that we have had bumps in the road, and our growth has not followed a linear pattern. At the same time, we have grown organically since our inception, and it has always been about the team – our teams learn together and consistently add to our accreditations so that we are always on the leading edge. This has proven to be the key to our growth.

Why are we different?

We are not a traditional business, so a traditional growth model wouldn’t work for us. We take the same approach with our clients and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. This is why we knew that funding our growth required a different approach. We think differently and are comfortable with challenging the status quo, so with the highly specialised services we provide, it became clear that we needed to work with a specialist when it came to financing our growth plans, making BOOST&Co the ideal partner for looking at how to fund our growth.”

Our attitude of not taking no for an answer has enabled us to grow our own way, and to keep our customers and our teams in mind at all times.

Our story through the timeline -why our

accreditations matter for our customers

Over the years Atech has grown from a managed services company to a multi-Gold accredited Direct Microsoft Partner, amassing more than 5 x Gold Microsoft Partner accreditations, in addition to advanced specialisations. Following significant investment in the development of services, as well as meeting defined competencies, Atech became a Direct Cloud Service Provider in 2020, a significant growth milestone for the business. For our customers, our status as a Direct CSP is particularly valuable, as it translates into;

simplicity – dealing with one supplier

agility – we are a smaller provider with the right expertise

reach – through the ability to leverage premier support from Microsoft.

So 2020 was a seminal year for us as Tier 1 Direct Cloud Provider and the most exciting one for the team to date. Our technical team has more than doubled in size, and onboarded many new clients who wanted to accelerate their digital transformation. We continue to help our clients find new ways to innovate and scale their business through their technology strategy and this is what drives us. Our deep vertical skills and our agility are what set us apart, so our methodology includes giving our clients direct access to technical resources without red tape.

It is our customer base that benefits from us achieving key milestones along our growth journey, as we maintain our agility – the key ingredient for delivering smooth DX roadmaps that drive ongoing value and innovation.

What are the next priorities? What’s the role of automation?

New technologies and new threats mean new demands on services and skills. The expectations on what IT can deliver for the business have been raised, with the added complexity of managing endpoint security in a hybrid workplace.

Now more than ever it is key that businesses make DX an ongoing strategy, improve their security posture, and adopt zero trust. Low touch admin when it comes to identity management is key. We are keen to do as much as we can to accelerate the adoption of technologies which help businesses scale and thrive in the new world of work. However, in a landscape where many of our competitors automate, we are not robots, but bring humanity into the customer experience. Real people, delivering real transformation exclusively designed for our clients.

Bringing humans into the service is what enables us to design, implement and scale the type of business transformation that is, well, transformational.

What’s next for Atech?

Now that we have investment to support the acceleration of Atech’s success, we are mobilising our growth plans with acquisitions to complement our growth. I know that by combining forces we can be so much more and deliver services that are unique and disruptive in a landscape dominated by big, traditional players.

New technologies mean new demands on services and skills.

The mid-market organisations who are technology leaders in their field, be it in financial services or utilities, have attained that leadership early on by leveraging the support of third-party experts to both challenge and guide their technology strategy. With Gartner calling out people centricity, location independence and resilient delivery as the most transformative trends of 2021 and beyond, we know that we at Atech are on the right track.

by Tim George, co-founder

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Tim George

A true visionary and successful tech entrepreneur, Tim’s enthusiasm for emerging tech and focus on delivering real benefits to help businesses achieve their goals is unrivalled.

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