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Posted on May 24, 2019

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The shift to Office 365 from previous iterations of Office – or from other app suites entirely – comes highly recommended for businesses which embrace a modern, on-the-move and highly active strategy.

Improved cloud support with OneDrive and Outlook365 especially make the move to O365 an important one to take for many companies. As our clients will know, we proudly support cloud technology as part of a business’ strategy, and our teams are always happy to help our clients’ find the cloud solution that best supports them.

More Than the Cloud

Migrating to O365 provides substantial support across the board. The platform doesn’t just offer an upgrade across the board on each of the well-known programs included and better cloud support and integration for easy access, but it also makes for better support for mobile devices – tablets and smartphones alike.

Integrating that into your company’s working habits can take time, and your own IT division will be focused on maintaining BAU throughout the process. That’s where Atech comes in.

Support Service Ethic

Atech’s consultants are ready to help your business assess the upcoming migration, devise a plan for minimum disruption and maximum efficiency in the process, and implement it – even where that involves assessing, repurposing, and upgrading hardware throughout the business.

We’ll work directly with your IT team to make sure all steps taken are in line with existing policies and protocols, making sure that the rollout is smooth. The result will be a revamp of your organisation’s capabilities without ever reducing your operational capacity below the levels you need along the way.

That’s our business philosophy – we want to support you, and care about your business as if it was our own.

Looking Forward

At Atech we believe that migration support doesn’t stop the day the transfer is complete. There’s always the risk that issues will arise or that something will be overlooked – and if there’s a chance of that, we want to be there to support you.

We work with our clients to design the right SLA for their needs, ensuring that as and when new challenges arise we can address them, leaving internal IT teams free to focus on keeping your business moving forward.

How can we help?

As Microsoft accredited cloud service providers we’ve got the tools and talent to put the incredible potential of cloud technology at the heart of your operation.

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