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How do we support your cloud migration?

Posted on March 10, 2022

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Cloud migrations are an extensive type of digital transformation, encompassing a range of tasks, processes and milestones. With so much to account for, Azure migration service providers like Atech use standardised frameworks to stay under budget, on time and to brief. As a result, we deliver a de-risked migration strategy with minimal disruption to your business.

This article will discuss Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, a specialist cloud migration template that we use to help our clients transition to cloud tools quickly and efficiently.

We’ll also outline what cloud migration projects typically look like, what we do to support Azure migration efforts and what you need to do to prepare for your cloud migration.

Cloud migration methods: What is the Cloud Adoption Framework?

Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a high-level guide on transitioning to modern cloud systems. The CAF provides an overview of common tasks and processes during cloud migration projects that your organisation may complete as you transition to your new Azure landing zone.

For example, the CAF states that you’ll need to identify which services your new landing zone will contain ahead of your Azure migration. You must also establish data governance standards to maintain high-quality, usable and traceable data over time. Moreover, the CAF strongly advises creating cloud security protocols to secure your data from breaches or malware.

However, the exact steps of your Azure migration will vary depending on your circumstances. For example, you need to establish epics for each data centre in your Azure landing zone. Otherwise, your data may become disorganised and unwieldy.

Additionally, you must also account for differences in Azure services, capacities and constraints depending on which region you operate in. Microsoft offers cloud servers that cater to the specific legal requirements of certain sovereign territories. For instance, navigating the data privacy requirements in the UK and EU versus America or China.

How to accelerate your Azure migration

Understandably, navigating all of the CAF requirements can become confusing.

Using a cloud migration services provider like Atech can help simplify your Azure migration process. We’re highly proficient in how business requirements match cloud migration solutions and can identify workarounds on project bottlenecks.

How does Atech deliver its cloud migration services?

Our methodology applies Microsoft’s CAF and combines gold-standard Microsoft certifications with other industry best practices in cybersecurity. We implement a six-point process that mirrors the CAF during our cloud migration services:

  1. Assess: Evaluating your existing readiness for an Azure migration.
  2. Design and plan: Creating your Azure environment and migration plan.
  3. Implement: Establishing networking connectivity and ensuring business continuity.
  4. Migration: Transferring your data to the Azure cloud environment.
  5. Optimise and modernise: Creating cloud migration solutions for long-term sustainability.
  6. Secure and manage: Safeguarding your data via Microsoft Defender and establishing reporting protocols for total platform visibility.


Our experience in Azure migration services allows you to have complete trust in the security and performance of your new landing zone in ensuring a friction-free cloud transformation journey that is de-risked. Moreover, our methodology provides total visibility during your Azure migration so you can focus on running your business without interruption.

Our work migrating Great London Hospitality to Azure via an Azure landing zone generated a 30% saving in its first year and a total of £800k over three years. The entire project was completed in under two weeks, providing London’s largest hotel operator with minimal commercial disruption throughout.

What do I need to do during a cloud migration project?

When working with a cloud migration service provider, you’ll need to identify your current and future cloud requirements. Doing so lets cloud migration service providers like Atech understand how to prepare a scalable platform or environment tailored to your business’s future.

We conduct an Azure readiness assessment ahead of your Azure migration, which determines how suitable your cloud workloads are for migrating to Azure directly. We then combine our analysis of your existing IT infrastructure with your future strategic needs to identify what your Azure architecture will finally look like.

Perfect your cloud migration with a custom landing zone

Azure migration projects requirements can be difficult to navigate and complex to implement. Thankfully, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Adoption Framework establishes a core best practice methodology. The CAF provides cloud migration service providers with a flexible solution set to deliver fast Azure migrations to clients.

While the CAF outlays the basic technical guidance for cloud platforms, it also helps to align your landing zone with your commercial strategy. Microsoft’s CAF accounts for the technical challenge of Azure migrations and helps ensure your new cloud architecture delivers on your critical business outcomes.

As a result, you can ensure your cloud migration is fast, effective and scalable by establishing an ideal landing zone during your Azure migration.

We recommend partnering with a cloud migration solutions provider to access one-time expert guidance or ongoing support with new features and evolving best-practice methods. By opting for a cloud migration service with ongoing support, you can realise the benefits of a secure, well-architected and optimised cloud infrastructure over time.

Access expert cloud migration services with Atech

Atech is a multi-Gold Microsoft partner and a leading cloud migration services provider. We’re a practised cloud migration solutions provider with over 10,000 servers migrated or refactored in Azure.

Whether you need security, automation, or productivity advice, we can help you identify gaps in your cloud infrastructure needs or migration plan.

Get in touch to learn more about our expertise and services and access expert cloud migration support today.

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Rob Metcalf Head of Cloud

Rob Metcalf oversees the complete projects lifecycle. He manages a team of consultants who research, design, and implement leading edge Microsoft cloud solutions. Rob and his team have delivered 10,000+ cloud migrations and cloud refactoring projects to increase efficiency.

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