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Behind the scenes at Atech…with José Pinos

Posted on April 21, 2020

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He is one of the stars in our IT helpdesk who as a team have broken our all time high of customer satisfaction reports with 164 positive reviews in one month. But who is he?

José Pinos was a trained solicitor with a life-long dream to work in IT. Joining Atech at the end of last year he finally made that dream a reality.

We love José because he’s an extremely outgoing and lively person who just wants to help – perfect when you work in the realm of customer success. But also, because he has some killer salsa moves that he treated us to during the office Christmas party!

Atech’s core values – people, integrity, simplicity and innovation – drive everything we do in our business, ensuring we continue to invest in our talent, make a positive difference for our clients and work with the best partners.

We grabbed José for a coffee and asked him about what life is really like as an Atech employee and how he sees our values in play every day…

Integrity: “The spirit of teamwork is all around the office

Being offered the job at Atech felt like double-edged sword. On one side I felt excited about moving into a field I’d always been passionate about, but on the other side I felt like I was going to struggle since there was so much I needed to learn. I knew it would be a challenge, but if I put the effort in, I’d enjoy the rewards.

But stepping into the office on my first day, I couldn’t have asked for more. The whole team was very welcoming and so helpful. And since then, I’ve never been left alone. Atech’s team is full of talented and knowledgeable people who want to see me succeed. If ever I feel like I’m struggling I can walk up to anyone, ask them anything and they’re happy to help.

People: “Management encourages us to be the best we can be

I knew when I joined Atech that the package included an ‘Employee Assistance Program’, and ‘Individual Training & Development Plans’, but I didn’t expect to benefit from them so quickly.

I’ve only been with the team for a few months, but already it’s clear that Atech takes its commitment to providing excellent customer service seriously. If you show an interest in anything that’s going to improve the service you deliver to our clients, Atech always has your back – whether that’s training on a core skill like customer service, or professional certifications. I have already passed the MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services with further certifications to come.

Simplicity: “There’s a genuine interest to learn about our clients

Before joining Atech and diving into the world of IT I worked as a lawyer. They might seem like very different career paths, but all my past reasoning and problem-solving skills are highly transferrable and needed for my new role when supporting our customers to succeed.

Again, it’s this dedication to service that drives the whole team. One thing I witnessed early on was Atech’s different approach to making this happen. I was sat in a team meeting and we were told the exciting news that we were taking on 2 new clients. But rather than wait for the contracts to be signed, our team was to get to work on researching them, learning about their systems and the way they operate so we could be one step ahead when it came time to start the project.

Innovation: “From the start I’ve had the opportunity to show my passion for IT

Accepting the job has been the best decision I’ve made in my professional career and it’s all thanks to the fantastic experience Atech has provided.

Yes, it’s been challenging walking to a role I knew little about, but Atech has exposed me to so many technologies and processes within a short period of time and make sure I always feel supported and comfortable when talking to our customers.

When you’re working in the office, there’s a really healthy atmosphere. People are always busy, but they make time for you if you need to chat about something, and we have a good laugh together every day.

“One word to describe how it feels to be an Atech employee…appreciative.”

So as you can see, the feedback you have shared means the world to our incredibly hard-working team. Thank you!

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