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Adopting and Embracing Copilot for Microsoft 365

Posted on June 27, 2024

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Is your team drowning in emails, meeting notes, and spreadsheets? Are you feeling overwhelmed by repetitive tasks? Microsoft 365 Copilot offers you a lifeline.

This innovative AI-powered assistant offers you more than just a productivity boost; it can revolutionise your workflow and bring the joy and creativity back into your working day.

As a trusted Microsoft 365 Copilot Jumpstart Partner, we’ve already conducted numerous webinars on the features and deployment considerations for a successful Copilot launch. In our most recent edition, we delved into the crucial role of change management in unlocking the full potential of this technology.

You can watch a replay of the session, entitled ‘Adopting and Embracing Copilot for Microsoft 365,’ right here. This live webinar featured Elaine Riley, Atech’s Head of Product Marketing and James Mitcham, Commercial Director at Changing Social, sharing valuable insights on Copilot adoption. In this article, we’ll recap some of its key takeaway messages, so read on to learn more.

Embracing Microsoft 365 Copilot has to be a company-wide effort

Elaine opened the webinar by showcasing Copilot features and their impact on efficiency and work quality across Microsoft 365 applications. She recommended measuring pre-deployment effort on key tasks to identify areas for improvement and build a strong business case. This exercise establishes a baseline for comparison and helps quantify the productivity gains Copilot for Microsoft 365 delivers.

Elaine recognises user experience as a critical factor for successful Copilot adoption. To achieve this, she argues in favour of company-wide implementation efforts, i.e., ensuring everyone understands Copilot’s value and has the skills to leverage its full capabilities.

Develop a comprehensive Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption strategy

As a Microsoft Copilot Jumpstart Partner, Changing Social has extensive experience delivering Copilot adoption support. James ran through the key pillars of creating a winning Microsoft 365 Copilot deployment strategy. Some highlights of their services include:

  • Personas, patterns and prompts: James recommends identifying user groups and their work styles and tailoring training and resources to maximise Copilot’s impact.
  • AI Maturity Model: Leverage Micosoft’s framework to measure your current AI maturity in terms of technical readiness, data security, etc., and establish a continuous plan for Copilot training and optimisation.
  • Copilot Jumpstart Partner Programme: Organisations can sign up for Microsoft-funded workshops to gain a foundational understanding of the technology and brainstorm use cases. They can then dive deeper into adoption strategies through Microsoft Adoption Accelerator Workshops.
  • Digital Champions: Your end goal should be company-wide deployment, and organisations need strong communication and training strategies to ensure a successful large-scale rollout. James recommends utilising Changing Social’s central hub of resources and establishing a network of champions who can promote Copilot within their individual teams.

Elevating your company’s digital maturity boosts Copilot’s value-adding potential

James believes that ongoing effort is vital for enhancing Copilot’s potential and requires a two-pronged approach:

Digital maturity in Microsoft 365
Data readiness

As James highlighted, a strong foundation in core Microsoft 365 capabilities — like automatic Teams meeting recording or PowerPoint templating — is used to leverage Copilot as a force multiplier.

Elaine underscored the importance of data security and accessibility concerning this. Microsoft 365 Copilot’s security, and its ability to generate valuable content, can be compromised if users lack easy access to relevant data, or if the data itself is improperly stored and governed.

From data readiness to change management, Atech can guide your Copilot journey

The webinar concluded with a Q&A covering topics like how to select the best Copilot Champions to offer adoption support and the role of executive sponsorship in ensuring organisational alignment and open communication.

Elaine wrapped up the presentation by outlining the next steps for organisations looking to get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365:

  • Schedule a Copilot for Microsoft 365 Discovery Assessment with Atech: We’ll take you through your organisation’s Copilot goals and use cases.
  • Discover your Microsoft 365 Copilot potential: Check your eligibility for a Microsoft-funded Copilot Readiness and Adoption Accelerator Workshop (led by Atech).
  • Empower your Copilot Champions: Identify your Copilot Champions across business departments who can help you support end users and communicate its benefits.
  • Embrace the change: Leverage Atech’s change management expertise to help you navigate the digital transformation smoothly.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to guide your Copilot launch, so if you’re ready to unleash the full potential of Copilot for Microsoft 365, get in touch to book your Microsoft 365 Copilot Discovery Assessment today.

Plus, don’t forget to sign up for our future Copilot webinars here, and take the first step towards maximising productivity and well-being for your teams.

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