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5 reasons why a security service provider is a business priority

Posted on July 15, 2021

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1. Breaches are inevitable

As much as you feel safe with your current security configurations, you should understand that your infrastructure is never 100% safe. There are only 2 types of organisations – those that are being attacked and those that will be. With the rapid increase in vulnerabilities, there is an exponential rise in the volume of exploits and attacks. Additionally, attackers are becoming more and more ruthless in the manner of conducting attacks. Hence, it should be of foremost priority that organisations allot a budget to their ‘Security Quota’ and pursue a Security Services Provider (SSP) in order to prevent the attacks as much as possible.

At Atech:

With our multi-tier incident response team in place that uses advanced threat detection and AI-driven alert management capabilities, we cut through the noise and deliver prioritised security alerts. In addition, we regularly employ automation to improve response times and reduce risk exposure.

2. Monitoring is the key

One of the most underrated aspects of security is ‘Monitoring’. Once you deploy the security policies and measures in place, it becomes crucial that someone monitors those policies on a regular basis. Regularly monitoring your security measures not only helps you in preparing for future threats but also identifies the loopholes and the scope of improvement in these measures. While preventative security measures are capable of detecting attacks, cyber security threat monitoring is required to identify more sophisticated threats that may evade these controls. Therefore, a SSP brings in an ‘Always looking’ approach that acts as the first line of defence at the time of dealing with attacks.

At Atech:

We aim at detecting a broader range of threats which helps in reducing Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) or the time it takes to respond to attacks. In parallel, we give equal emphasis on ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.

3. You are always being watched 

As scary as it sounds, this has proved to be a bitter truth in recent times. According to the latest report from IBM, cyberattacks on healthcare, insurance, finance, and energy doubled from the previous year, with threat actors targeting organisations that could not afford downtime due to risks of disrupting critical services. One of the most common examples of this is network scanning. Attackers continuously monitor your network streams in order to identify potential weaknesses and enter the network. This is known as ‘Intrusion’ and is just one example of the numerous ways an attacker continuously looks for vulnerabilities in order to exploit them.

At Atech:

As security researchers, we spend the majority of our time looking backward and conducting forensic investigations into what’s already happened. In other words, we use everything from the user’s identity to the application’s hosting environment to prevent a breach.

4. Trust only ‘Zero-trust’

If you are aware of ‘Zero-Trust’, then you will know how critical as well as complex it is to implement. Hence, ‘Trust but Verify’ is no longer an option, since threats are now moving inside the perimeter. ‘Zero-Trust’ takes an all-encompassing approach to security to ensure disciplined and ongoing security measures at every business level. By continually reviewing and updating security practices, an organisation can better manage its processes and policies with an ‘Assume Breach’ approach that will help them to improve their security posture.

At Atech:

With our ‘Never Trust’ approach, we believe in verifying explicitly and using the principle of least possible privilege. We implement the blocks of ‘Zero Trust’ through six foundational elements: identities, devices, applications, data, infrastructure, and networks.

5. Security has no alternative

You don’t need a reason to keep your data, services, and people secure. The bottom line is this—security has become more complicated, and what was once acceptable protection, falls short now. It is high time to take on more defences to remain safe in the current threat landscape where cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated in their attacks. Your defences must be strong enough to keep attackers at bay each day, but cybercriminals often need to get lucky once or twice to really do serious damage to a business.

At Atech:

We establish effective controls for business-critical information and systems, ensuring the right people have access to the right data at the right time. We deliver end-to-end security strategy across the full stack of services and infrastructure in a phased approach hence improving the overall security posture.

Yash Mudaliar, Cloud Security Engineer

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