Accelerate your Azure migration with a skilled migration partner

Migration projects can be a challenging experience that involves significant lifestyle changes for any organisation. Seeing how you’re going to go through the transformation and come out at the end is difficult to map to a timeline. Many of the questions you ask are very unique to your business, and calls for a level of expertise and depth of skill to ensure minimum disruption.

When you experience fast growth, you need a flexible cloud to migrate quickly, reliably and securely.

For a successful, low risk migration you need not only the skills but the visibility at all stages of the roadmap. A clear timeline and cost transparency breeds trust in your cloud partner. You need the certainty that even post-migration, there is an expert at hand to ensure you achieve the ongoing efficiencies, month-on-month.

We have built significant IP into Azure migrations and optimisation, and can pass this expertise and significant savings on to you in your Microsoft Azure migration project and beyond. For our clients, this results in ongoing monthly savings of up to 31.5% in addition to the initial savings in migrating from co-located data centres to Azure cloud.

Often business initiatives converge which adds urgency to the need to move to the cloud – so to have a clear view of the roadmap, the timeline and the costs is key.

Here is what our clients do:

  • Take the opportunity to modernise core business applications when migrating to Azure, often with significant efficiencies
  • Migrate while continuing to run critical applications without downtime
  • Realise CAPEX to OPEX efficiencies of £500k
  • Scale elastically without growing on-premise footprint
  • Enjoy more robust security and compliance
  • Cost effective throughout with ongoing savings of 31.5%
  • Low risk, high confidence migration
  • Significantly lowered TCO by migrating to Azure

What outcomes are you looking for? Contact our team for an assessment.

Azure delivers lots of innovation within the platform as well as within the migration tools/services available.

Speaking from our own experience of migrations, there has never been a better time to have a clean up, and move all your apps, data and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, which time and time again is proving to be the leading cloud platform.

Specific migration triggers – can you foresee any of these?

Many migration triggers are business-limiting if not addressed.

  • Quickly integrate acquisitions
  • Datacentre contract renewal trigger assessment of options
  • Urgent capacity need
  • EOS and EOL Software and hardware refresh
  • Evolving security threats and the need for a more robust security posture
  • Compliance and regulatory drivers
  • Application innovation and the need to deliver applications faster

Some are foreseeable, but many are not, which is why agility – or lack thereof – starts to impact your ability to innovate, compete, and thrive.

Your unique business needs met with flexible options

Ask what your organisation’s readiness is and whether a cloud first strategy can help you meet your objectives. How will you achieve growth? Will the business make any acquisitions and how quickly can those be integrated?

Atech can help you accelerate migration initiatives and manage your resources in Azure, so you drive month-on-month efficiencies from the cloud.

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Microsoft Azure migration: Game, set and match!
Choose Atech as the managed service providers to see your Microsoft Azure cloud migration through and expect your processes and systems to improve significantly. With expertise in assessing and mapping the IT environment and making it as secure and available as can be, we have the ideal cloud managed service to suit your needs. Get in touch to find out more or to book a consultation.