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The way you work has changed

Our biggest challenge was transforming the culture and becoming a scalable, digital workforce. Atech has been able to deliver this in a way that is secure, and now anyone can work from anywhere without compromising data. Head of Technology, Global Asset Management Firm

Design a workplace without limits with Atech and Microsoft 365

Empower and secure your workforce

Imagine simple device management, intelligent and proactive security features that defend your organisation while you sleep. Real-time collaboration anywhere with ease of access for files, conversations, and notes across platforms and devices. All of this with enterprise-grade security that empowers productivity in the new world of work.

While the reasons for choosing 365 E5 to power secure collaboration within your organisation are clear, the licensing options available are less so.

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Drive value from E5

We unlock budget value with our expertise in licensing. One of our clients saved £180k in licensing fees over 3 years in an 800-user environment. A global re-insurance company saw £480k savings across 250 users.

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Best in class productivity

As a single, integrated solution offering best in class productivity, enhanced collaboration and advanced security, it enables organisations of almost any size to run securely and grow.

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Enterprise-grade security

When you invest in Microsoft 365 E5, you’re not only working more efficiently but you’re also protected from constantly evolving cybersecurity threats, without ever dropping a beat.


We have a unique assessment methodology which is a holistic analysis of your organisation and the impact that is achievable with Microsoft 365. Our reports form a roadmap to transformation for your organisation, with a clearly sign-posted phased approach.

Ramp Up

Many 365 customers are licensed but not using the full functionality. We can help you ramp up. We consider your unique needs and present recommendations on how to drive deployment. We consider any device offering and features that would accelerate achieving your objectives.


Explore the comprehensive range of incredible security tools that are native to 365 and Advanced Security – let us show you the difference this can make to your security posture by assessing your baseline.


We will present impartial advice to you on what your licensing options are. Whether you choose EA or CSP licensing agreement, we align this with your strategic objectives and enable you to make an informed decision based on your requirements. We also present how these can be approached dynamically. Our solution architects define a solution with a personalised value-add to help your business satisfy end user needs as gaining long term value-add for the overall business.


We have a customised managed service offering which will help you focus on innovation, while we look after your end users, security and infrastructure whilst you retain visibility and control of your environment.


We help you consider the impact of 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop which is a powerful combination for enabling remote work in a costs-effective, low-admin way. We can build this into the scope of the implementation with a phased approach to align with your transformation roadmap.

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Empower mobile work

Easily support team members who want to work from anywhere and from any device, without compromising data governance.

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External collaboration

Deliver impressive collaboration when you engage in email and online with customers, co-workers, and suppliers.

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Enterprise-grade security

Enable access to those who need it and keep out those who don’t. Deliver truly intelligent access management that is as dynamic as your changing needs.

A completely secure and compliant end-to-end solution that allows you to securely manage access and prevent confidential information from leaking.

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Tailored to your specific needs

We have developed unique methodologies for assessing your current environment and designing solutions that can be deployed in a phased approach in your roadmap.

We unlock budget value with smart licensing options and empower you to make an informed decision.

A dynamic solution that considers your business’ needs and ensures that you drive value from your investment.

Our Accreditations

Our accreditations demonstrate our deep vertical skills and services to design, implement and managed Azure solutions for your organisation. Microsoft Gold partners undergo rigorous testing and validation to ensure our skills and methodologies meet standards. For our clients, it means confidence in the success of their cloud or hybrid cloud project at any scale.

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    With over 10,000 servers migrated or refactored in Azure, we have a proven methodology for your cloud transformation to ensure minimal disruption. Our phased approach ensures minimal disruption to your business. and unlike other Azure experts, we give you direct access to our certified Azure Solutions Architects and Engineers for complete transparency.