Broadcasting an event like Wimbledon is a technical challenge – but so’s ensuring you can check out the LTA website for tournament information, booking tickets online and, most importantly, when you arrive, you’re able to buy programmes, gifts and strawberries and cream.

Atech’s Onsite Solutions Team is there to support Wimbledon and other major tennis events in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association.

Troubleshooting Doesn’t Start on the Day

Whether it’s monitoring bandwidth or hardware for potential issues, or checking to make sure all the applications are running as they should – Atech is on hand to help.
So much of managing ticket bookings, redemptions, and other visitor-facing work is intertwined now that being able to keep it all running smoothly and efficiently without worrying that an issue with one aspect will affect others is vital. You can test these systems ahead of time as much as you want, but you also need onsite support to keep systems running even as an influx of users swamp them.
That’s why onsite support is so valuable for any live event – doubly so for a major tournament, where the amount of people attempting to use online facilities whilst at the event.

Constant Cover

For an event like Wimbledon, tech support starts early and can’t stop until the event is over. You need a dedicated team to make sure that everything runs to standards worthy of the name – and that’s what Atech does best. Our Addicted to Service© professionals provide cover you can rely on.

Atech serves up top technical support

Not only do we monitor our clients’ Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 systems and more 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year, but we also provide IT infrastructure and network monitoring as standard with our cloud computing packages. What’s more, we boast a remarkable 15-minute SLA response time as well as a resolution SLA. We’re that confident in how quickly we can return you to business as usual should an issue occur! To find out more about how Atech Support can ace your business too, get in touch. To find out more about our work with the LTA, check out our case studies.