With WannaCry returning to headline news at the tail end of May and warnings that some networking software may remain vulnerable, ransomware has reached a point where every major business is aware of it – but not every business is properly protected.

What is Ransomware?

As the name suggests, ransomware is software which opens up the possibility an individual or a company will be held ransom. Once on their systems – usually spreading in much the same way as any virus – ransomware locks down access to information and to systems, making BAU impossible – until it’s removed, which the creators will offer to do for a fee.

As much again – or more – can be lost by a company affected in time and opportunity cost, so ransomware designers hope that businesses will surrender quickly to return to work. But there are better solutions – provided you have alternatives. We’d like to suggest one.

How do you Deal with Ransomware?

Like other malicious software, ransomware evolves constantly. As vulnerabilities in software are identified, malware of all sorts will be built to take advantage of them. The solution has to be just as aware of new developments in computing and just as adept at finding solutions.

To keep malware from interrupting business or leaving you liable, our teams work constantly to stay on top of data security threats, keeping track of new issues and working to develop solutions.

In the unfortunate circumstances that you suffer a ransomware attack, our Service Addicts® will work to get you back up and running using our cloud backup/disaster recovery services so you have access to your data while we work with your own IT support to undo any other damage done by the ransomware.

One of the best ways to undermine the production of new ransomware is to make it unprofitable, and we can contribute to that by making sure the designers never get our clients’ money.

We’re also happy to carry out preventative maintenance and, while we can’t guarantee to stop malware, we can make you as secure as possible.

Atech Support won’t let anyone hold you to ransom

Cyber security is first and foremost here at Atech. We want your business, data and IT infrastructure to stay safe from harm. Sign up for our cloud managed services and we’ll do everything we can, so you won’t WannaCry. We’ll implement processes with IT security best practice in mind and continue to monitor and enhance your systems and processes. And we’ll always be on hand with our impressive 15-minute Service Level Agreement (SLA) response time should you need us. Get in touch today to discuss further how we can help with your ransomware concerns.