Endpoint Security with Microsoft Defender

A warrior’s greatest asset is definitely the weapon they hold either for attacking the opponent or defending themselves. An endpoint or device is of the same importance for an employee as a weapon is for a warrior. Truth is that the more crucial the asset, the...

Making the most of Azure Virtual Desktop: 5 key considerations

The concept of the virtual desktop has come into its own over the last 18 months, as businesses have sought new ways to keep their organisations connected remotely. Once the preserve of large enterprise, medium-sized businesses are now too realising the benefit of moving to a virtual...

Our growth story – or how Atech accelerated its growth plans

Here our co-founder Tim shares the story of our growth, and what it takes to scale a business like ours. What's more, how do our customers stand to gain from our growing accreditations? Read on for the inside funding story.

Why Azure Sentinel should be your first choice for a SIEM 

In the world of cybersecurity, the most important aspect that a Security Operations Center (SOC) depends upon is the ‘detection of attack.’ Detection leads to informing the team that something unusual or malicious is happening and it should be prevented. Detections come in the form of an ‘Incident’...

How Atech delivers Microsoft Data Loss Prevention and Identity Protection

If anyone asks you about the two most sensitive things that you would like to protect from attackers, most of us will choose ‘Information’ and ‘Identity’. That is because these components have proven to be the most targeted by attackers worldwide. Hence it has become one...
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Award-winning cloud service provider Atech secures significant funds to support rapid growth and future acquisitions

The privately-owned, leading UK cloud service provider will use the seven figure funds to offer additional products and services, to new and existing clients,  whilst also supporting its growth plans via acquisition. Having recently experienced significant scale and increased demand...

Remove Active Directory and become truly cloud-only in Microsoft 365

In this blog article, Atech Head of Cloud Rob Metcalf covers some of the FAQs around Microsoft Modern Workplace and what steps a business would take to remove Active Directory and become truly cloud-only. If your organisation is one of the many who have worked remotely, this is a must-read.

5 reasons why a security service provider should be of utmost importance to your business

As much as you feel safe with your current security configurations, you should understand that your infrastructure is never 100% safe. There are only 2 types of organisations – those that are being attacked and those that will be. With the rapid increase in vulnerabilities, there is an exponential rise in the volume of exploits and attacks.

Technology to enable agility and growth at Tasker Insurance Group

Tasker Insurance Group, a fast-growing, agile and acquisitive insurance intermediary has recently partnered with leading Microsoft Azure service provider Atech to help them build and enhance their technology stack to support future growth plans.   Tasker Insurance Group (Tasker) is a...
business powered by insights

In 2021 every business should be powered by insights

In the third and final article in our series of predictions, we position data insights as a priority item for 2021. As the new world of work emerges, we look back on how the forced fast-tracking of digital initiatives in the past year have exposed new technology challenges in the year ahead.