How to stay productive when working remotely

How to achieve remote working productivity in the ‘new normal’

When the UK locked down, we were advised to work from home wherever possible to stay safe. And while this presented challenges in implementing the IT infrastructure necessary to support a remote workforce – our own support team has even...
cloud computing security

Cloud Security Strategies – How to strengthen your security posture from the ground up

As a cloud services specialist, we are well aware of the cybersecurity fears that plague organisations seeking to exploit the business benefits of a cloud-first strategy. This article covers the top 3 security services and activities that organisations can undertake to strengthen their cloud security posture.

What does transformational IT look like right now?

What is the place of digital transformation in challenging times such as these? This article explores why transformational IT has been making headway right now and what it consists of for businesses who excel at it.

We are remote and more connected than ever

Although we have the IT infrastructure in place to support business-as-usual when working remotely, we have some powerful lessons learnt from our all-remote strategy. We experienced several unexpected benefits - powerful ‘lessons learned’ that we can highlight to clients who are thinking about undertaking a digital transformation to enable their modern workplace.
modern workplace tools

Key tools required to deliver the modern workplace

To truly deliver a secure modern workplace for your organisation, it calls for a modern IT architecture that embraces: Cloud first: the cloud moves beyond a simple storage location to be a place where you manage your applications, workloads and...
what are the economic advantages of the cloud

How membership organisations can deliver a better experience through the cloud

There’s a small difference that has a big impact for membership organisations; a subtlety that sets them apart from other businesses: Customers. In a typical organisation, your customer simply purchases your goods/services. But in a membership organisation, they also sign...
reasons of modern workplace failure

5 reasons your modern workplace will fail

A fifth of workers say ‘they would be more productive at work’ if their office was redesigned. This desire for a modern workplace is being driven by 3 things: Employee expectations: as more millennials enter the workforce they bring new...
staff needed to enable digital transformation

What staff and skills do you need to enable digital transformation?

You can’t ignore the current agenda – 55% of companies without a digital transformation believe they have less than a year before they start to lose market share. The time to act really is now. The pace of change, new...
biggest challenges for a business to succeed

Setting your business up for future success is reliant on overcoming 4 challenges…

Businesses often use a strategic tool called a ‘PEST analysis‘ to examine the opportunities and threats within their market due to political, economic, social and technological forces. So what’s really happening out there in the competitive battlefield at the moment?...
Successful Digital Transformation in the NFP sector

4 Foundations for Successful Digital Transformation in the Not-for-Profit sector

Before it may have been the CEO or perhaps the CIO or CTO driving a digital transformation programme, now for some organisations it has sadly been the current global crisis driving the change in IT operations. The digital revolution has...